Texts in English – März 2015

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01.03.2015 Dresden Protest Camp Refugee Struggle
01.03.2015 Atomic bomb test site on Aboriginal land could now be flagged as a nuclear waste dump
01.03.2015 (B) Animal Liberation Front action against Peek&Cloppenburg
02.03.2015 Australia's complicity with brutal Sri Lankan regime exposed
03.03.2015 In the heart of Perth, Aboriginal Tent Embassy and a refugee camp
04.03.2015 Australian Prime Minister defames female Moslem academic
06.03.2015 For the international female day of struggle 2015 in Freiburg
06.03.2015 All feminists are created equal, but some are more equal than others
06.03.2015 What legacy do you want to leave your children?
06.03.2015 Controversial Senator says there's no proof indigenous people were the first Australians
06.03.2015 How Morrison's Australia crushed the life out of little Febrina
06.03.2015 'Every single step of the justice system is discriminatory against Aboriginal people.'
07.03.2015 Refugee camp in Perth, Australia, and a developing humanitarian crisis
08.03.2015 Australia breaches UN on torture: expert
09.03.2015 Berlin-Gesundbrunnen: Anti-racist neighbourhood-football-cup with a social-cultural schedule
09.03.2015 Germaine Greer says feminism is ageist and the aged care sector is under attack
09.03.2015 Mental disintegration of refugee children and parents in Australian concentration camps
10.03.2015 Our invitation. Food for all. Refugees Welcome.
11.03.2015 "The voice and opinion of a tyrant, dressed up in a liberal suit"
12.03.2015 Greece: Communique by the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire about the hunger strike
12.03.2015 All fouled up - Fukushima four years after the catastrophe
14.03.2015 Maori politicians support Aboriginal protest over proposed closure of indigenous communities
15.03.2015 Ohlauer-School calls for action!
16.03.2015 Ex-undercover officer reveals that covert police unit spied on trade union members - full statement
16.03.2015 Covert police unit spied on trade union members, whistleblower reveals
17.03.2015 Aboriginal Australian communities announce a global call to action
20.03.2015 Report finds sexual abuse, attempted suicides of refugee children in Australian concentration camp
22.03.2015 A Day After a Killing, Afghans React in Horror, but Some Show Approval
22.03.2015 "Violence" at #Blockupy: Enough with the Hypocrisy!
23.03.2015 Tekk Back Da Park - Ⓐct II
24.03.2015 [GB] Support needed: Räumung in England
24.03.2015 Aboriginal Australian communities send a powerful message to government
25.03.2015 Germany’s Nuclear Costs Trigger Fears
25.03.2015 Witness threats, 'inhuman guards', rapes and deaths at sea: testimony that didn't make the Moss Review
26.03.2015 Aboriginal group fights to stop $16bn Carmichael coalmine, Australia’s largest
28.03.2015 "Shameless, insensitive, outrageous, incredibly racist, lacking humanity, disconnected from reality"
28.03.2015 Bills before Australia's parliament would entrench a militaristic approach to refugees and allow a use of force against detainees
29.03.2015 Maori solidarity with the Nyoongar people at Matargarup, Perth
30.03.2015 Without Consent: Emotional Canberra exhibition remembers Australia's forced adoptions
30.03.2015 In defence of our land and our freedoms
30.03.2015 10 Facts about Ohlauer School and how Monika Hermann and Green Party are evicting it
30.03.2015 Amongst two worlds - International Call of Action for the Hunger Strike until Death of the CCF (Greece)
31.03.2015 Communique by the prisoners of Korydallos prison (Greece)