Texts in English – Juli 2015

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01.07.2015 Ruhr: AfD-office smashed
01.07.2015 (B) attacked two banks
02.07.2015 (TÜ) Note of solidarity to the struggling people in Europe and beyond
02.07.2015 Spontaneous Demonstration in Aachen was clouded by police violence
02.07.2015 (B) For a hellfire on earth…
02.07.2015 Berlin: Prison industry targeted by Destroika
02.07.2015 Berlin: Santander bank smashed in Prenzlauer Berg
02.07.2015 Frankfurt, Germany: ABS real estates office attacked
02.07.2015 Berlin: Cop car burnt for Lambros Foundas
02.07.2015 Frankfurt: Sabotage of a VGF ticket machine
02.07.2015 Dresden: A car of Deutsche Bahn set on fire
02.07.2015 Eschborn, Frankfurt: Arson attack against power and communication lines
02.07.2015 Every eviction has its price! Attack with paint against the office of the ‘Bauverein Reiherstieg’ housing cooperative in Wilhelmsburg, Hamburg
02.07.2015 Berlin: Solidarity sabotage with those incarcerated as part of Operation Pandora in Spain
02.07.2015 Leipzig: Real estate company targeted and several luxury vehicles torched
03.07.2015 Announcement of the greek activist newspaper "APATRIS" on the breakthroughs in Greece
03.07.2015 We just took on the world
03.07.2015 Call-out for big Aboriginal protest march across Sydney Harbour Bridge
06.07.2015 Anti-fascist and anarchist from Russia needs help and solidarity
07.07.2015 Mexico City: Incendiary attack against a Banamex bank branch
07.07.2015 Santiago, Chile: Incendiary attack against a car company by FAI-IRF
07.07.2015 Berlin: Vehicle owned by the Greek consul torched
07.07.2015 Santiago: Attacks on Bci and BancoEstado branches
07.07.2015 The daily resistance at Oplatz-Berlin
08.07.2015 Berlin: Arson attack on Santander bank branch
08.07.2015 Berlin: Attacks on Santander bank branches
08.07.2015 Berlin: Fire for Bosch
08.07.2015 Naucalpan, Mexico: Explosive device placed at Mercedes-Benz dealership
08.07.2015 Nantes, France: Court repainted red – justice reveals it’s true face
08.07.2015 Czech Republic: Two attacks against police vehicles
09.07.2015 Phoenix Project: Smoke signals from Berlin
09.07.2015 Germany: Molotov attack against vehicles owned by Bayer
09.07.2015 [Bremen, Germany] Attack on office of a member of the CDU
09.07.2015 Berlin – Fire to Sodexo
09.07.2015 Berlin, fire to Gegenbauer and greetings to Commerzbank
09.07.2015 Germany: Smoke signals from Dresden
10.07.2015 Guide for collective survival in times of mass destruction (text about Greece)
10.07.2015 Stop Instrumentalizing Us!
10.07.2015 Berlin: Arson Sabotage of a Deutsche Telekom Car
10.07.2015 Berlin: Attack against Deutsche Telekom in solidarity with Revolutionary Struggle
10.07.2015 ‘Attack’ against Berlin Foreigners Registration Office in Moabit
10.07.2015 [B] District Court - We bring light into the darkness…
10.07.2015 Berlin: Diplomatic vehicles belonging to the Turkish embassy set ablaze
12.07.2015 Tony Abbott and the 40 thieves
13.07.2015 Paris: Vinci and La Poste lose two vehicles
13.07.2015 [Budapest] Demo against the wall on the Serbian-Hungarian border
13.07.2015 1) Most people haven't heard about it; 2) When they do, they get mad
15.07.2015 Nikos Maziotis regarding Greece’s default and exit from the EMU
16.07.2015 Mexico: Attack on the WEST PLAZA PARK industrial project in Zapopan
16.07.2015 Against Nazis and Repression – Freedom for Valentin
16.07.2015 Break the ranks
17.07.2015 Meuse, France: Attack against a technical site of ANDRA
17.07.2015 Brussels: “Anti-terrorist” raids of comrades’ homes and Le Passage
17.07.2015 Brétigny (Essonne): the municipality police loses two cars
17.07.2015 Paris: Solidarity hammering
18.07.2015 Child asylum seeker alleges rape in shower and 253 Nauru detainees attempt self-harm, Australian Senate inquiry hears
18.07.2015 Aboriginal children as young as nine killing themselves in Australia
18.07.2015 Preparation Meeting in Saxony for the Beyond-Europe-Camp (Chalkidiki, Greece)
18.07.2015 (Athens) Announcement from the arrested at the gathering against the enactment of the 3rd Memorandum
18.07.2015 Mohammad Al Zoubi from Syria ist under deportation threat - I am not safe in germany
20.07.2015 Gaza trade unions urge boycott of Israeli labor federation
20.07.2015 Australia 'most sceptical' about climate change globally, says study
22.07.2015 The Wehrmacht in Crete: “No more reluctance regarding innocent men, women and children”
22.07.2015 Australian opposition leader wants Labor to adopt government's refugee boat turn-backs
22.07.2015 Remote Indigenous outstation rejects Australian government policy and opens own school
22.07.2015 (B) car lighted
23.07.2015 International call to action for Suruç Massacre
23.07.2015 Alice Springs paramilitary vigilante leader says Aboriginal people 'stuck in the 1700s'
23.07.2015 Week for Anarchist Prisoners – Call for an international mobilisation
28.07.2015 Imaginary spear outrages Australia. Slap on the wrist for hit and run death of black child doesn't
31.07.2015 "Fund Abortion Now" Website Targeted by Denial of Service Attack
31.07.2015 WHITE PEOPLE - Official Full Documentary