Texts in English – Januar 2015

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01.01.2015 Why attack democracy? (“Coordinated Anarchist Groups”, GAC)
01.01.2015 VIDEO: Anarchist Riot Greetings from Greece for 2015 [Jingle Bells version]
03.01.2015 [B] 05.01. United against racist propaganda and social exclusion! #NoBergida
03.01.2015 Aboriginal land rights under attack again in Australia
04.01.2015 Meeting Mannheim Hauptbahnhof for Oury Jalloh
06.01.2015 MS: Sylvesterkundgebung am Knast
06.01.2015 Freiburg: Sylvester zum Knast
06.01.2015 Mass strikes in Guyana, 1917
07.01.2015 1965 Freedom Ride re-enactment going off track in Australia
07.01.2015 Kicked off a train for being 'Black' in Western Australia
09.01.2015 He renounced Australia and lives solely by tribal law. Now Murrumu is hitting the road
09.01.2015 [Vienna] We'll be in their Way! Let's block the FPÖ's Student Fraternity Ball together!
10.01.2015 I Stand With Charlie Hebdo, But I Also Stand With the Victims of Our Bombs
12.01.2015 Midgegooroo - "he threw the pick-axe down the well"
12.01.2015 Phil Africa Dies In Prison Under VERY Suspicious Circumstances
12.01.2015 Offener Brief über ://aboutblank
12.01.2015 Institutional Racism in the State Organs
13.01.2015 Three simple ways Australia can clean the stain from its asylum seeker policies
14.01.2015 The free-speech hypocrisy of some world leaders marching in Paris
16.01.2015 Khalid Idris Bahray – his death was murder! Let's turn grief and rage into resistance!
16.01.2015 Destroika-Video: March 18th 2015: European Central Bank opening in Frankfurt
16.01.2015 Refu­gees wel­come — fight racism!
17.01.2015 The day after the insurrection
18.01.2015 Create a struggle against the racist society of selfgovernance / An invitation for further discussion
18.01.2015 [LE] Solidarity is our weapon
18.01.2015 White Australians would not have had this inflicted on them
18.01.2015 Removal of Aboriginal children at crisis point and rising
19.01.2015 Up to 700 detainees on hunger strike in Australian-run concentration camp
19.01.2015 People urged to attend Canberra First Peoples sit-in
19.01.2015 "The Place is Here, The Time is Now" (Mini documentary on Athens Riots of 6 December 2014)
19.01.2015 Liquidation of RASH Stuttgart
20.01.2015 Islamism and the Left
20.01.2015 New police radars can 'see' inside homes
22.01.2015 Monday demonstration for refugees safety and against racism
22.01.2015 Four people arrested after solidarity actions with arestees from New Year Punk Gig in Minsk
22.01.2015 Call for Antifa-Support in February in Bulgaria
22.01.2015 Journalists reporting on asylum seekers referred to Australian police
23.01.2015 Qualitatively the worst genocide in human history
23.01.2015 Boum! Contre les frontiéres – A festival welcoming refugees and tearing down borders
23.01.2015 In Midst of War, Ukrainian Political Left Ponders Next Moves
24.01.2015 Community shut-downs and homelessness in Western Australia
24.01.2015 PEGIDA in Trier
24.01.2015 [HH] Fight for the rights of refugees – come to Hamburg!
25.01.2015 Newly discovered 1964 Martin Luther King speech resonates with Australian Aboriginal struggle
25.01.2015 Australians resisting free trade deal with US that would empower corporations
28.01.2015 [Discussion] Protocol of an exchange among anarchists concerning PEGIDA and democracy
29.01.2015 Syriza Cant`t Save Greece
29.01.2015 Date with destiny - February 9 - First Peoples' Sit-In in Canberra
29.01.2015 Final notice: black line is drawn