Texts in English – 2012

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05.01.2012 M31: Aktionstag gegen EU-Krisenpolitik
08.01.2012 White supremacists to converge in Brisbane on April 21st
09.01.2012 if they evict, we will come back!
10.01.2012 Police involvement in ‘human safaris’ exposed in the Andaman Islands
12.01.2012 International uranium conference Muenster, 4 February 2012
12.01.2012 Australian government steals Aboriginal money for non-Aboriginal purposes
13.01.2012 Police attack peaceful anti-racist protesters in Germany
16.01.2012 The white-blindfold-view of Australian history
22.01.2012 American Fascist To Lecture In Germany
24.01.2012 Aboriginal activist alleges threats on his life
26.01.2012 The Echo of Silence
29.01.2012 Austria’s 2 faces: As some mourn Auschwitz victims, others gather for right-wing ball
29.01.2012 A put-up job that boomeranged?
01.02.2012 52 Chickens Rescued from Nightmare
05.02.2012 Stop the euro-neonazi march in Sofia!
06.02.2012 Demo: Wer bleiben will, soll bleiben! - Gegen Überwachung und Abschiebungen!
08.02.2012 Chronology of an Eviction
11.02.2012 Suicide among Aboriginal children as young as 11 at alarming levels
12.02.2012 Tens of thousands demonstrated against ACTA in icy European streets
14.02.2012 Stuttgart(21): creative defense stressed judge
15.02.2012 Stop deportation in London
17.02.2012 Interview with the occupiers of a nuclear power plant building site in Hinkley, UK
18.02.2012 Down your limbs from Indymedia Athens!
20.02.2012 From lucy to yser − linksunten is moving!
20.02.2012 More mistreatment of Australian Aborigines planned
21.02.2012 Russia: Anarchist and Antifascist Murdered
22.02.2012 Survival uncovers shocking human rights abuses in Ethiopia 22 February
23.02.2012 A/I needs you
25.02.2012 Kenya: Indymedia Comrade murdered
25.02.2012 A few notes on anarchist revolutionary solidarity and the struggle against prison
28.02.2012 Call for Action: Anarchistisches Netzwerk Südwest* goes M31
01.03.2012 [Turin/SUSA] Arriving at the Reclaim The Fields Assembly while polices chases activists in Susa
02.03.2012 A document with question marks
02.03.2012 thank god, we are not all greeks!
05.03.2012 Hamburg/Germany: Six banks attacked
06.03.2012 Turin: Guerilla Gardening against the TAV
07.03.2012 Story telling at the Reclaim The Fields Assembly in Turin
08.03.2012 Australian law disempowering Aborigines may face High Court challenge
10.03.2012 Call to solidarity actions with Luciano Pitronello
10.03.2012 Gerda Taro's Grave
10.03.2012 Death & Devil
12.03.2012 Tens of thousands demonstrated in Europe against nuclear power
14.03.2012 Russia: Black Bloc report of last 2 months of radical struggle
14.03.2012 Letter from Hidayat, In Prison in Makassar (Indonesia)
16.03.2012 An invitation to multiply the attacks against power in solidarity with our brother Tortuga
17.03.2012 Remotely living Australian Aborigines to be stripped of all rights
17.03.2012 New Australian anarchist zine "Sedition" published
17.03.2012 Anarchist summer camp in Ukraine - video
18.03.2012 Opposition growing to racist lawmaking for remote Australian Aboriginal communities
18.03.2012 Granting No Quarter: Disavowal of Gilad Atzmon
19.03.2012 ALF befreit Schweine in England
20.03.2012 Warsaw squat Elba threatened with eviction! Call for solidarity!
20.03.2012 Impressions of everyday exploitation
21.03.2012 Song of Fire
23.03.2012 DNS problems of indymedia.org
24.03.2012 Dublin II Abschiebungen stoppen!
25.03.2012 How to destroy CCTV cameras?
27.03.2012 Interview with Kurdistan Anarchists Forum (KAF*)
28.03.2012 The Rich Get Even Richer
29.03.2012 Dumping on Traditional Owners: the ugly face of Australian racism
31.03.2012 Hiroshima survivor: "People of the world, stand together to oppose nuclear energy"
03.04.2012 Indymedia linksunten over https
04.04.2012 (USA) Tierbefreiungsaktivistin zu 60 Tagen Gefängnis verurteilt
06.04.2012 The Rosia Montana licensing procedure – harsh and hilly roads ahead
07.04.2012 [Video] Antifascist yogurt attack during live TV show
12.04.2012 (Italien) Tierbefreiung & Brandanschlag auf Forschungszentrum
12.04.2012 trans sex worker von der polizei in istanbul erschossen - es reicht!
14.04.2012 Australian Aborigines speak out on unresolved issues in new documentary film
16.04.2012 'Australia Day' and 'ANZAC Day' - or what makes Australians tick?
18.04.2012 Dissolve secret agencies and police – Anarchy in the EU!
20.04.2012 Riseup: Server Seizure, April 2012
21.04.2012 Brutal beating of an immigrant by Police caught on camera
21.04.2012 Land to people, who (want to) work it!
22.04.2012 Australian welfare recipients face compulsory income management
25.04.2012 Hühnerbefreiung und Undercoverrecherche in Italien
26.04.2012 Protector Macklin’s Intervention
26.04.2012 Rain of Words
30.04.2012 Downtime of linksunten due to power outage
13.05.2012 The Left, Labor and Occupy
14.05.2012 Cyber attacks against the vivisection industry in Italy
14.05.2012 @Boris and Frankieboy: We are on our way!
16.05.2012 Australian Aborigines call for UN peacekeepers to protect them
21.05.2012 [FR] Solidarity graffiti for accused comrades
24.05.2012 ATTENTION: VPN-Provider Perfect Privacy is run by German/Austrian neonazis
25.05.2012 Australian Aborigines launch their own government
26.05.2012 CALL FOR A EUROPEAN MEETING on COMMUNITY SUPPORTED AGRICULTURE (CSA) and other distribution systems for Food Sovereignty
27.05.2012 An open letter from anarchist in Turkey
27.05.2012 [F] Demo gg Mord an Christy Schwundeck
28.05.2012 Callout for solidarity with Montréal social unrest — circulate widely!
28.05.2012 Take The Flour Back: An attempted field decontamination
29.05.2012 Aborigines “shivering with fear” over Australian uranium plan
31.05.2012 Animal Liberation Front aktiv in Uruguay
01.06.2012 An Open Letter From Anarchist Prisoners in Turkey to the Public
04.06.2012 Join the People's Summit Radio!
04.06.2012 War being prepared against China behind the backs of the Australian people
08.06.2012 Australia: Indigenous 'solutions' just disempower us further
10.06.2012 Abschiebeanhörung in der Ausländerbehörde Berlin (Friedrich-Krause-Ufer 24)
11.06.2012 Australian Aboriginals call money-management policy racist
11.06.2012 Notes on the Crisis and the Revolutionary Perspective in Greece
11.06.2012 NoBorderCamp Info- und Mobiveranstaltung (de/en/fr)
12.06.2012 Information and Mobilisation Evening on the No Border Camp Cologne / Düsseldorf 2012
12.06.2012 Australia jails duped Indonesian children with adults for “people smuggling”
13.06.2012 Arrests of Mayday Turkey
14.06.2012 Aboriginal souls in an age of modernity
15.06.2012 Send letter to support imprisoned anarchists!
19.06.2012 Athener Bullen wählen Golden Dawn
22.06.2012 Nearly 100 asylum seekers feared drowned at sea between Australia and Indonesia
26.06.2012 Activist shareholders call Woolworths meeting to fight problem gambling in Australia
28.06.2012 Almost 400 boat people have died trying to get to Australia since 2010
28.06.2012 "Will you tell your grandchildren how you destroyed the lives of so many First Nations People?”
28.06.2012 Opening Press Conference of the 11th World Wind Energy Conference "Community Power - Citizens' Power" WWEC2012
29.06.2012 Aboriginal leader: Stronger Futures is a “war on democracy”
30.06.2012 [en] Some thoughts on recent events in Munich [Ger]
04.07.2012 *Sudanese Refugees* Call for Support and Solidarity
12.07.2012 Protest action against the electoral falsifications in Belarus / OSCE meeting in Vienna with L. Yarmoshyna
12.07.2012 [Prague] Squat Milada brutally evicted after an attempt to make a one-off commemorative gig
14.07.2012 Why did Ousman Sey die?
16.07.2012 Australia: How ‘Closing the Gap’ is full of holes
17.07.2012 Dortmund: Why did Ousman Sey die?
17.07.2012 Uranium Film Festival of Rio de Janeiro gives yellow Oscar awards to "nuclear" films
21.07.2012 Germany: Reportback from the 2012 No Border Camp in Cologne/Düsseldorf
27.07.2012 Anarchist bloc launches surprise uncontrollable demo against the SONA 2012 (Philippines)
28.07.2012 Bob Brown: why I’m leading the Sea Shepherd to the Kimberley
29.07.2012 1–10 August 2012: Contra Info call for propaganda actions against repression
30.07.2012 Nationwide Antifascist Camp Dortmund
06.08.2012 Activism Social Forum at FanFest Rosia Montana
10.08.2012 BREAK ISOLATION ! * Refugee Summer Camp 2012
10.08.2012 Australian government authorises forced interrogation of refugees
13.08.2012 48,000 Maasai to be kicked off their land for big game hunting by princes and kings
16.08.2012 Petition Assad's silent telecom partner
17.08.2012 Anarchists Detained by Counter-Terrorist Police on Return from Swiss Conference
17.08.2012 Public statement from IFA Congress Saint-Imier 2012, 9-12th August to other exploited and oppressed people of the World.
19.08.2012 Help stop coalmining plans wrecking the Great Barrier Reef
21.08.2012 Call for solidarity with imprisoned comrades from Belarus
23.08.2012 Plan for world's biggest uranium mine scrapped
24.08.2012 Corinth: Golden Dawn Clashes With Riot Police Over Immigrants’ Transfer to Army Camp (video)
24.08.2012 Athens: Responsibility claim for incendiary attacks against the fascist party Chrissi Avgi/Golden Dawn
01.09.2012 Cairo to acquire two German-built submarines
02.09.2012 Support concert at Molodoï
03.09.2012 Spinneys: Rooted in Lebanese Corruption
12.09.2012 Thessaloniki: Delta squat evicted
16.09.2012 (vienna) delta is everywhere
18.09.2012 Antifa-Festival und anarch. Buchmesse in Zrenjanin (Serbien)
20.09.2012 The true cost of Australia’s coal boom revealed
21.09.2012 Mapping Australia's nuclear sites - past and present
23.09.2012 Berlin: Solidarity action for anarchist prisoners in Belarus
25.09.2012 [BN] Action in solidarity with the imprisoned anarchists in Belarus
26.09.2012 Greece general strike brings 100,000 onto Athens streets
27.09.2012 Uranium Film Festival in Berlin 4 to 12 October
27.09.2012 Tech journalists: Stop hyping unproven security tools
27.09.2012 Evictions and Arrests in Calais
28.09.2012 Aborigines oppose Australian seat on the UN Security Council
29.09.2012 CALL for activists! refugeeprotest to Berlin
01.10.2012 Finnish Nazi Site Hosted In Germany
04.10.2012 Antifa crushes EDL across Ununited Kingdom
04.10.2012 Antifa resist Nazi - cop alliance in Athens
04.10.2012 Antifascist motorcycle patrol in Athens - VIDEO
04.10.2012 Arditi del Popolo 1918-1922
05.10.2012 linksunten Downtime on Sunday
06.10.2012 GR: Call for solidarity!
08.10.2012 Call for solidarity with Can Piella squat - fight eviction!
08.10.2012 Australia's UN push shows up Aboriginal anger at home
19.10.2012 Police Brutality in a detention center in Bulgaria
19.10.2012 Nov 12th-Nov 19th: International Solidarity with Grand Jury Resisters!
20.10.2012 Aboriginal Elder appalled at Australia's UN Security Council seat
24.10.2012 International Actionday 14th of November
24.10.2012 Asylum seekers on hunger strike in Finland – No to deportations to Afghanistan!
25.10.2012 We live here, we’ll stay here!
26.10.2012 Haris Hatzimichelakis: Never Again Unarmed (Greece)
27.10.2012 Statistik über faschistische Gewalt in Griechenland
01.11.2012 Why has linksunten been down?
03.11.2012 Barbaric Australian treatment of refugees causing child suicide attempts and hundreds of hunger strikers
06.11.2012 Beyond the borders Conference - The War of the Europeans against Human Rights
07.11.2012 Armed Struggle in Greece 1975-2005
08.11.2012 We will rise!! Solidarity With the protests of refugees here and everywhere!
10.11.2012 A good finale for 2012, a reason for joy in dismal times
11.11.2012 Frankfurt/Oder: Erneut erfolgreiche Blockade
12.11.2012 Will Australia open uranium floodgates?
12.11.2012 Vienna: Solidarity with the Reoccupations in La Zad
14.11.2012 325 Magazin #10 – Out now!
14.11.2012 Scandal in Ireland as woman dies in Galway 'after being denied abortion'
14.11.2012 A battle of climate placards in German railway stations
16.11.2012 Moskau: Polizei geht gewalttätig gegen die Eltern von Alen Volikov vor.
18.11.2012 Critical Whiteness and the No Border Camp
19.11.2012 (Wien) Refugee- Protestmarsch
21.11.2012 Die Wiedergeburt des radikalen Nationalismus: Willkommen in den 30er Jahren
24.11.2012 Outrageous controls: Officials try to stop refugee protest
25.11.2012 Die Gesundheit des Moskauer Antifaschisten Alexei Olesinov in Untersuchungshaft ist ernsthaft bedroht
25.11.2012 Whitefellas fail to grasp Australian reality
26.11.2012 Cruelty, in the name of all Australians
26.11.2012 Reader: Digital Editing with Audacity 2.0.X
29.11.2012 Russland: Hausdurchsuchungen bei AnarchistInnen und AntifaschistInnen in Kirow
03.12.2012 Antagonistic violence: Approaches to the armed struggle in urban environments from an anarchist perspective
03.12.2012 Refugee Tent Action - Film und Fotoaustellung der Flüchtlingsproteste
03.12.2012 (Chile) ALF verübt Brandanschlag auf Tierversuchskongress
03.12.2012 (Lüneburg) ALF verändert STOP-schilder
04.12.2012 [Vienna] Declaration of Support and Solidarity with the Refugees in Protest
05.12.2012 [D] Solidarity Action with Refugee Struggles
06.12.2012 New Years Eve: International Anti-Prison Demos & Actions
06.12.2012 To remember means to revolt - Solidarity banner in remembrance of Alexis in Vienna
11.12.2012 With courage and tenacity refugees are fighting since months against racism and for a life in dignity
13.12.2012 12th meeting of Indymedia linksunten in Freiburg
14.12.2012 Australian slavery buried in Queensland mass grave
14.12.2012 Athens – Responsibility Claim by Fighting Minority / Commando Alexandros Grigoropoulos
14.12.2012 Freiburgs Refugee Camps
15.12.2012 Mexico - Statement of solidarity with the victims and the people detained after the inauguration of Enrique Peña Nieto
17.12.2012 Aufruf: Unterstützt die inhaftierten Antifaschisten in Russland
17.12.2012 Statement of the squatters of the former ministry of finance in altona, hamburg
21.12.2012 Villa Amalias squat raided by cops. Two german comrades arrested
21.12.2012 Solidaritätserklärung der Rigaer 94 an die Villa Amalias
28.12.2012 Vienna, Friday 5:00-Police evicts refugee
29.12.2012 No discrimination, they are all finished!
29.12.2012 ALF Liberates Turtle in Mexico City
30.12.2012 Animal Liberation Activist Daniel McGowan released from prison!
31.12.2012 Revealed: how the FBI coordinated the crackdown on Occupy