Hamburg/Germany: Six banks attacked

The crisis is the fucking system!

In greece, people struggle against the direct results of decisions made by german and other european politicans above their and our heads! The anti-greece-propagangda of the german press ist disgusting to us!


Our solidarity goes out to those in strike and struggle, who are imprisoned and see themselves confronted with repression. Also we send solidarity to the greek revolutionaries of the urban guerilla group "Revolutionary Struggle", who are confronted with the courts for their ideas and struggles.


During the nights of february, the 27th and 28th, we attacked six banks in Hamburg. It`s a small, but clear sign to attack banks in Germany, for example we where inspired by an action of solidarity in Bielefeld, and we hope that a lot of people will do the same and send solidarity to the revolting people in greece and rage and stones against the banks and their system.

May a lot of people get to the streets in Frankfurt and everywhere on the 31st of March and any time else!

For a hot summer! Freedom!


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