(USA) Tierbefreiungsaktivistin zu 60 Tagen Gefängnis verurteilt

Marshall Kellie

Die Tierbefreiungsaktivistin Kellie Marshall wurde am 13.03.2012 in den USA zu 60 Tagen Gefängnis verurteilt. Ihr wird eine (versuchte) Nerzbefreiung vorgeworfen. Kellie wurde zusammen mit Viktor am 10.10.2011 festgenommen während sie versuchten Nerze aus einer Farm bei Stone State Park in Iowa (USA) zu befreien. Beide sitzen seit Oktober 2011 im Gefängnis. Am 02. Februar 2012 wurde Viktor schließlich zu einer Gefägnisstrafe von fünf Jahren verurteilt. Zudem soll er 8.757 Dollar an den Farmbesitzer Steve Krage zahlen. Die US-amerikanische Pelzindustrie feiert das Urteil als Erfolg. Staat und Wirtschaft gehen Hand in Hand um Tierbefreiungsaktivist_innen physisch und psychisch zu ruinieren. Deshalb zeigt euch solidarisch.


In English:

After her arrest at the Circle K Fur Farm on October 10th, Kellie Marshall finally resolved her case March 13th and received unexpectedly short sentence of 60 days. She pleaded guilty to releasing an animal from an animal facility and attempted third-degree burglary.

Although no animal escaped the perimeter fencing, some reports state that a cage was opened and a single animal released within the fence.Victor and Kellie were arrested after tripping alarms at the farm, and being apprehended in the property behind the farm after a foot chase.

This is the second time there was an action at the Circle K Fur Farm. The first occurred in 1997, when 5,000 mink and 100 foxes were released.

View a satellite image of the farm here.

Kellie is expected to be released in late-April. Her six month sentence may be considered a favorable outcome, after her co-defendant Victor VanOrden received a sentence of 5 years for the same incident.

VanOrden is eligible to apply for parole in May. At that point, the judge may review his sentence. The judge made statements in court that a revision of the five year sentence is a “possibility”.

Please read the many updates at the Support Kellie and Victor website, including how to email Victor, mail rules for both prisoners, how to donate to their commissary fund, Victor’s Amazon wish list, and more.


Write both of them a letter of support:

Victor VanOrden #6916264A
North Central Correctional Facility
313 Lanedale
Rockwell City, IA 50579


Kellie VanOrden
c/o Woodbury County Jail
PO Box 3083
Sioux City, IA 51101


Aus: http://www.animalliberationfrontline.com/activist-receives-60-days-in-at...


Kellie will be in jail for 2 months, yup only 60 days! She got insanely lucky considering that Victor has been sentenced to five years in jail for the same charges. That is indeed 30x the length of Kellie's sentence which is both bizarre and ridiculous. We're hoping that in May (which will mark three months of doing time), Victor will be able to apply for parole, and have his original sentence reviewed by the Judge.

On a more positive note, Kellie is very happy that her sentence is so short because she will be able to work while Victor's in prison, in order to help them both get back on their feet once he's out.

60 days in jail still sucks, so please help make it a breeze for her by sending a nice letter her way (please follow guidelines specified on a previous post for how to accurately write/address a letter to a political prisoner).

Kellie's address is:

Kellie Vanorden
c/o Woodbury County Jail
PO BOX 3083
Sioux City, IA 51101

She cannot receive books so please do not send her anything from the Amazon wishlist, as it will get rejected/returned. Only Victor can receive Amazon books. Kellie can accept pictures and magazine/newspaper clippings that you include with a letter though! Pictures are a great way to lift spirits because it conveys the outside world which seems so unreachable when you're serving time.

Her commissary funds are currently $0, if you would like to help out so that she can order some vegan food, please send her a money order (made payable to her KELLIE VANORDEN) and address it to the above stated address. Thanks!


Aus: http://supportkellieandvictor.blogspot.com/


Folgender Bericht ist auf der Webseite der FUR COMMISSION USA zu finden:

"Kellie Marshall Van Orden plead guilty yesterday morning in Woodbury County District Court to Releasing an Animal(s) from an Animal Facility, a class D felony and Attempted Burglary in the Third Degree, an Aggravated Misdemeanor.

The Honorable Judge Andreasen sentenced Kellie Van Orden to 5 years prison on count 1, but suspended that sentence and placed her on probation for 5 years.  On count 2, she was sentenced to 365 days in county jail, but 305 days were suspended.  She will serve 60 days in jail, less credit for time served. If she violates her probation, she could serve close to 6 years in prison.  The defense requested a deferred judgment (meaning the felony conviction would be expunged if she successfully completed probation), but that was denied.  The felony conviction will remain on her record. Ms. Van Orden was also ordered to maintain employment, schooling or job training as a condition of her probation, complete a victim empathy program and not associate with convicted felons (other than her husband, now serving 5 years).

Ms. Van Orden made a statement of allocution to the court, expressing remorse and condemning the criminal actions she and others have committed against the fur industry, which will soon be made available here. 

Once again,  the extremists of the animal rights movement have incited another young person to pay the price for their misguided campaigns against our country’s farming community."

Aus: http://www.furcommission.com/kellie-marshall-sentenced-in-iowa/





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