Russia: Anarchist and Antifascist Murdered

Nikita Kalin auf der Kundgebung "Für faire Wahlen". Samara, 24. Dezember, 2011

On 9 February at 6.30 clock in the morning in Samara in the region of the Physics Institute, PN Lebedeva, Russian Academy of Sciences ("PIAW"), a young man was found dead. At 8:00 the police arrived at the place. At 11:00 clock the mother of the deceased, was informed. This is Nikita Kalin, a 20-year-old activist and member of the meeting "for fair elections". Traces indicate a violent death. According to his mother Elena Kalina, the body showedmultiple of stab injuries, multiple rib fractures and head injuries. Currently a suspect is arrested. He is suspected of being involved in the murder, his clothing was found with blood of the victim.

Nikita's personal Items were left untouched, robbery-murder is not considered. According to the type and number of violations of the attack, it was perpetrated by a group of people, so the newspaper "Izvestia". However, the suspect, born in 1989, deny to name accomplices, and denies any involvement in the murder.

"The murder occurred on February 9. On the body of Kalin, six stab wounds found. At the moment the suspects is arrested for murder. we have no evidence that a crime has taken place only for nationalistic motives, the major version - Murder by domestic violence, " said the pressofficer Helen Shkaevu by Interfax (

But, according to Elena Kalina, a policeman said in an informal conversation that the suspect involved in a local neo-Nazi group.
According to the mother, the reason for the assassination could have been her son's active civil attitude. Nikita has never hidden his anti-fascist and anarchist views. Nikita's mother and friends are concerned that the matter could be "hushed up".

At the moment we need your help in spreading the information! You can support the family of Nikita and material.

Also, an initiative group V-contacts ( exist, whose members are engaged in the collection of funds and information on the case.

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