10 Facts about Ohlauer School and how Monika Hermann and Green Party are evicting it


After protest on the roof in summer the Green district signed an agreement with the people of school. The protest stopped because everybody thought the Green district is going to act uppon the agreement.

  • The Green district implemented a racist and brutal security (as the repression force) in the school, which was against the will of the people. The security made a lot of physical violance against the people, which got ignored by police.

  • The Green district blamed continously the people of school for making too much costs, and that they can’t make kindergartens any more. Later it revealed that Green district pays arround 100,000€/month (call it repression cost) to the security, and that’s why they claim ohlauer school bring them to financial crisis.

  • The Green district forbid visitors and even journalists to the school, and turn the place into an open prison.

  • The police started attacking people’s living rooms without any warning and arrested more than 5 people. In the name of fire controll check, 100 police entered the school and closed all the ways to the roof to stop any resistance. They also installed video cameras  inside the school building to control the people.

  • The Green district announced they want to turn the school into a Refugee Lager, with the help of Diakonie. They claims to open a “refugee center” in the school together with Diakonie, excluding people of the school, which were the people who invented the idea.

  • In 2.2015 the Green district gave an eviction letter to people, claiming that actually they signed the agreement under pressure and it doesn’t mean anything to them!

  • More than 20 people go the the court against the eviction. The Green District evicted already the other 10 people, which is called the “silent eviction”.

  • The other members of the Green party completely ignore the issue and let the people get homeless, eventhough they claim “Refugee Welcome”.

  • The Green District did the same repression against #oplatz, #cuvrybrache, #gorli, #allmende and #ohlauer school. The eviction of #ohlauer is clear and is very soon.

more info: http://oplatz.net

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