Santiago, Chile: Incendiary attack against a car company by FAI-IRF

I come like the furious tempest

During the night of Monday June 15 we attacked a car company located in the vicinity of the intersection of Vicuña Mackenna and Amerigo Vespucci avenues in La Florida by placing an incendiary device inside one of the cars that was for sale. The resulting fire caused partial damages to the car and the company.

We carried out our action in the middle of the collective patriotic alienation that was generated by the party for the Chilean national soccer team, choosing our target in advance and scheduling it in a way that made it clear that we were not interested in a random attack that could harm people who had nothing to do with our action. We acted within a few meters from a police checkpoint, demonstrating that the police do not have everything under control and that an attack is always possible.

It wasn't just a new car that we attacked, an attack on something material was not the only goal of our action; the attack was also against the background that houses each of these machines that shares the same meaning and sense of the domination of society. It is the collections of merchandise displayed in glass cases and shelves, the accumulation of capital, unscrupulous human exploitation through wage labor, the devastation of land to plunder resources, the lust for ostentation and the nonsense of production - everything was attacked that night.

And the fact is that authority not only expresses itself through social relations but also lies materially in an endless number of buildings, institutions, companies and representatives who sustain the domination, which are identifiable and are therefore a target of our fire.

While what characterizes the current civilization is it's capitalist and technological qualities, our struggle is against  domination in and of itself and not just against some of it's expressions throughout history. It is the oppositional negation of the world of authority, power and it's merchandise that we are looking to find affinity with.

Among the sea of people who inhabit the metropolis of capital we organize as individuals  seeking to collectivize our desires for freedom in the attack against dominion, deepening our friendship and complicity through horizontal relationships that are antagonistic to the ones imposed by those in power, giving via praxis full meaning to the concept of CONSPIRACY, without leaders, without experts or specialists, without vanguards or platforms.

So we launched the attack as an autonomous action, which is the expression of our existential liberation in the here and now, simultaneously influencing both the environment and the reality that we are a part of.

Assuming that there are no preconditions, we do not believe in the hopeless eternal waiting for the correct social or material conditions or the masses.

We live an existence of total combat, in each of it's infinite possibilities, without being determined by conditions that we cannot decide, like that of class, ethnicity or gender. Our decision making capacity is the only thing that we have left in this society that seeks to be a panopticon of behavior, where control is intended to be absolute and spontaneity of life is exhausted and faded under the punishment of /  the vigilant.

The decision to rebel is what binds us with those that are responsible for destroying their own chains, ignoring the cries / and resisting the onslaught of power to go on the attack looking for the disaster of the authoritarian reality that limits the possibility of a free life. That decision is where the wink of complicity and comradeship begins with all those individuals who act continuously and relentlessly, raising their heads with hearts swelling to stand up and assault with dignity that which robs us of life.

We salute our accomplices in this Black June agitation for the liberation of the Earth, the long term prisoners and our comrade Marco Camenisch.

We salute the uncontrollable anarchist action cells of the FAI/IRF from all territories.

With our action we salute those who continue to fight against domination both inside and outside the prisons. We salute our imprisoned comrades Javier Pino, Natalia Collado, Juan Aliste, Freddy Fuentevilla, Marcelo Villarroel, Carlos Quiduleo, Hans Niemeyer, Sol Vergara, Enrique Guzmán, Alfredo Canales, Alejandro Astorga, Monica Caballero, Francisco Solar, Nicola Gai, Alfredo Cospito, Adriano Antonacci, Gianluza Iacovacci, Marius Mason, our comrade Henry (three years after the crackdown in Bolivia), our imprisoned comrades from the latest anti-anarchist operations by the state in Spain, Belgium and the Czech Republic, to our brothers and sisters of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and other imprisoned comrades in Greece including the comrades Grigoris Tsironis and Spiros Christodoylou who were recently arrested in Nea Aghialos.

We also dedicate our attack to our comrades Nataly Casanova, Juan Flores and Guillermo Duran who struggle with dignity inside prison with their ungovernable attitudes and their recent hunger strike. We continue with them in this new scenario following the return of the comrade  Enrique Guzman to prison.

For Mauricio Morales, Spiros Dravilas, and all our dead who live on in the fire and in our memory.


Incendiary Cell "22nd of May"

Informal Anarchist Federation / International Revolutionary Front