[Vienna] Armed Nazis attacked EKH

EKH Wien

30 #Nazis attacked today 27.10. #ATIGF a migrant cultural association at the #EKH in #Wien. (yesterday 26.10 was austria's national day)
Tomorrow 17h DEMO ANTIFA at Viktor Adler Markt in the 10 district.


"Armed with sticks and empty bottles they attacked immediately the first person, a board member of the Comintern, which confronted them in the stairwell. The one injured by the nazis was later treated in the hospital. By rapid reaction, the mob was pushed out of the house and chased. As a result 9 right-wing extremists were arrested by the Police.


Already on 21 April this year, nazis tried to attack the EKH and thereby damaged several vehicles in the Wielandgasse.


The Comintern is an internationalist, multi-ethnic union organization that on that day was meeting in the premises of ATIGF and is also represented in the Chamber of Labour of Vienna.


These attacks were directed specifically against anti-fascist groups and structures. We will not tolerate further. Show your solidarity and come on Monday, 28/10/2013 at 17 clock to rally at Victor Adler Markt in the 10th District of Vienna."