Non-Citizens Hungerstrike at Brandenburger Tor

Non-Citizens come back to the streets. We Non-Citizens now are present in the name of humans and humanity in this area. We from different geographical areas in the world crossed the borders to come here. The reason is that so-called safe countries (like Germany) destroyed the security of these countries by export structures and the tools to make them stable (structures and tools like warfighting, surveillance systems, oppressing tools etc.).


We had to leave because of these occupations and attacking those countries’ security. We were forced to take a new region as our new living place - to be safe. But in these so-called safe countries we had and still have to risk our lives because of the laws which are against humanity and human rights - made by this government. In this society we are not equal. These laws do not give us the same rights like other people who have the citizenship papers. These laws are producing “foreigners” and are building up borders between people. This government with these laws wants to imprison us (in refugee camps/Lagers).

But to finish this hard situation and unequal position in society and drawing a red line on this situation (which means dying day by day in Lagers), we organized different protests all over Germany e.g. protest camps, a hunger strike in Munich and the long protest march from Würzburg and Bayreuth to Munich. Because of the brutal behaviour of the police during the last actions, the shameful treatment of different departments and other authorities in Munich that rejected a round table for our acceptance of asylum applications from the “Federal Agency for Migration and Refugees”, we Non-Citizens are forced to go to the streets again. We choose the way of hunger strike because we did not and we still do not want to die in Lagers in which the government tries to detain us for a silent death. But we choose to come in front of people and in the front of media. We want to finish this basic social inequality, we demand an equal position which means getting the acceptance of our asylum applications. We Non-Citizens have decided to go to the streets again, this time in Berlin (Brandenburger Tor) and we will continue our hunger strike until our demand comes true.

The hungerstriking Non-Citizens at Brandenburger Tor at Pariser Platz, Berlin