Turkish Intelligence Services was aware of the bombs exploded in Reyhanli


Gendarmerie (Rural Police) Intelligence Department documents obtained by Redhack reveals that  Turkish State knew about the vehicles packed with explosives that was detonated in Reyhanli/Hatay, which resulted in 51 deaths (unofficial reports confirm more than 100 dead).

Documents outline the vehicle details including plate numbers of three cars and that they were prepared by Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Nusra Front in Syria on 23rd April 2013. It also gives information about Turkey registered vehicles packed with explosives, small and delicate devices that was send to Syria from Turkey. 


We now know why the government censored the media reporting on the explosions took place on 11th May 2013. The documents indicate that the explosion was expected and known in advance. However it was disregarded. Subsequently after the explosion the blame is systematically targeted to be directed at the Alewites and left- wing organisations with malicious efforts to collapse the Syrian state.  If the documents are examined in detail by taking consideration of the dates of events, it is not difficult to understand the truth behind the Reyhanli explosions. People have right to know the truth and we are not afraid of exposing it.  PM Erdogan you have fooled people by blaming Syrian regime for these explosions but it seems like you have shot yourself by the foot. Although the authorities and the Military received intelligence that an explosion was plotted in Reyhanli they failed to act to prevent this attack.


If these bombs were intentionally allowed to cause an explosion deliberately to “start the war” by not preventing such an event or taking any precautions to avoid an  explosion …then like such someone will disrupt and end your game!


The delivery of the truth is necessary and this is what we are doing…We are not afraid because life does not forgive cowards…


Why has this details went unheard? Why precautions was not implemented?


Did PM Erdogan knew it was planted by Al-Nusra before he met Obama to plan a possible war with Syria? 

If this government is honourable enough they should resign right now as this is the only solution in any democratic country. 







Document Pic 1: 1. Kahraman Maras and Hatay Gendarmerie were provided with intelligence on 17.05.2013 that supplies were to be delivered via a vehicle with the registration of 63 E 3436 to Syria to support a group recognised as Al-Qaida militants. It was known that this group was in preparation to construct explosives. Detailed information in connection to the preparation of explosives was informed specifically detailed in documents received. 2. Technical/sensitive sources investigation: A Lancer make dark colour vehicle loaded with bombs, registration 022 506 (believed to be Syrian registration plate) and KIA Rio make, registration: 667512 (Damascus) Silver colour vehicle: These two vehicles and a black Saab, of which the registration is unknown but believed to be a Damascus registered vehicle, were informed to be loaded with bombs, and on standby in the town of Idlip Syria. Further across the Turkish border intelligence was received,that a vehicle was known to be loaded with explosives , small and sensitive devices. Gendarmeries have been informed that Syrian security forces were searching for those vehicles. Intelligence received has suggested that the vehicles at question were in preparations of an attack targeting Syria. On 25.04.2013 intelligence was again received specifying that, in the town of Rakka, Syria, active militants of El Nusra were known to load and assemble bombs in three vehicles on 23.04.2013. Vehicles were identified as a Mazda 323, Kia Rio and the third was unidentified. These vehicles were prepared to be part of an attack in our country.


Document Pic 2: The bombings at question are believed to be in parallel connection with these identified vehicles. In analysing the intelligence and information received it is known that the explosions have been ongoing in our borders and is known to effect our country.


This photo was taken in the office of District Governor of Reyhanli. This shows clearly who funds and supports the bombers. 

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