Racist police control in Anhalt-Bitterfeld

Stop Racism

Racist police control and the use of false allegations to denier refugees their legal right in Anhalt- Bitterfeld
Racist police control 1, Oumarou Hamani Ousman informed that:
On 06.01.2013 [1], in-between 12:00/13:00 pm, the federal Police intercepted 3 Africans in the train station of Bitterfeld for many hours, for the so called Identity control, for refugees to present their documents , they laid everybody on their chest without seen the document and with a photo apparatus, they terrorise and humiliate the refugees in front of the people for no reason.
The 3 refugees latter went back to “Kaufland” where they made some shopping, having finished, they went to the train station to take train back to Muldestein.

This event happened in the train station of Bitterfeld, this is what we called a racist control only because of the colour of the skin, if not what?.

On 09.01.2013: Racist Police Control 2

As he arrived in the train station of Halle (saale) around 13:00 PM, to take his train back to Bitterfeld, he saw 2 federal policemen in the hall, they didn’t ask him any thing and exactly the moment that he is preparing to take the train of 14:11 PM at section 5 , he saw them climbing the stairs with him, as he arrived to the train and opened the
door he saw that the police are at his back. So he entered the train and sat down, few minutes later , the police came directly to him and asked him for his document and he did asked them Why?, the other was telling him “Federal police control” and at the same time they laid him on the ground and chained his two hands in an expeditious manner, with wounds everywhere on his hands, because they intentionally tight the chain so that it will pains him.

As he arrived in Bitterfeld the police had already parked their police car there, and put him inside, direction Dessau. As they drived to Dessau, the policemen discussed between themselves, what they would accused him off - that he did insulted them - . he told them that they are lying.

Arriving at the police office of Dessau he had to do an alcohol test and after that, the other police said he will take and check Oumarou’s blood, then Oumarou said no! why?. For a simple identity control, he has never seen. The police said we don’t know what you consume, he told them this has nothing to do with my case, and he equally told the police that, now that his identity is clear, he would like to see theirs and they refused, it was at this point that their chef told the police to
give him. He gave him a matriculate No:E 44 7487, pohl 2 BPOLABTBDU that would be verified.

As he returned to Bitterfeld he remarked that his hands were full of blood. This is unaware of the methods worthy of a rule of law and of the federal police in charge to protect the people, he told them that he would lay charges in court against the physical and moral service in the tribunal.

“Why should they follow me direct inside the train to control me and why not in the main train station, and all these started 24 hours after the demonstration of 07.01.2013 in Dessau for the case of OURY JAHLLOH.

"I think they are pursuing me for long so as to stop me on the fight for the right of refugees in Bitterfeld, but this will not stop me to continue our fight till the end.”

On 26.02.2013, The Use of False Allegation to Denie Refugees Their Legal Right

On Tuesday been February 2013 around 2.PM [2] came a visit bythe delegations of the administrative counsel of Anhalt-Bitterfeld, headed by Mr Uwe Schultz.

The chief responsible of the “Friedersdorf lager” Rosenberg conducted the delegation to different rooms, which are in a miserable conditions, with iron beds like as if people were still in a concentration camps.

After observing around the whole “lager“, the delegation finally came where he lived, as he went outside, the chief of the “lager” called him to inform that it was a visit of the administrative council, who is at present. After having greeted him, he asked him his name, and that he would like to see Oumarou’s room. As they went into the room, he said to him that ah! you are good here, that Oumarou has a good room, clean.
Oumarou did inform him that this is not a place to live in the middle of forest and that they demand that the refugees would be decentralised to an appropriate environment, apartments, and he responded that Oumarou is no more a refugee because he has to go back to his country and Oumarou told him after 10 years! for what reason?. After you have destroy my life in putting me in an apocalyptic condition and without human dignity.

The chief of the foreign office among the delegates informed Oumarou that his birth certificate is false and Oumarou responded to him after 6 years! why, why not before and he told Oumarou that he should go tohis embassy to take a document, Oumarou empasised that it is not reasonable because he went there 4 times and it is enough, his embassy is not a market, where we go anyhow.

They also reduced his social assistance, while they knew that he came from Niger. The chief of the foreign office told Oumarou that it was the German criminal police that said so, that his birth certificate is false.

On 08.03.2013 [3] Racist Police Control 3

As Oumarou is coming back from Stuttgart to Bitterfeld, where he participated for the refugee bus tour. he was confronted at Würsburg by the fascist control of two “Cripo” in the train station of Würsburg section 11 around 15:59pm. They asked him to present his document and he asked them why? And they responded that heir is “Bayern” that he is welcomed, after some exchange of words they took his Dokument and go with it, Oumarou was left without any document, he waited 2 hours in
the train station of Wurzburg, it was there he took the train of 18:01 pm to Bitterfeld.

“In all European countries, I have never seen such an utopian control like this.” said Oumarou.

We refugees demand a total investigation on the behavior and comportment of the persons in federal police uniform and for their fascist behavior towards refugees.

We refugees in Germany reclaim the total abolition of all sorts of racial control subjected to refugees and migrants.

To abolish the laws on restriction of movement.

To abolish the Isolated lager system.

To protect all refugees! and stop deportations!