ALN action against animal experiments at Hamburg airport


On the 10th of February 2013 a demonstration against the transportation of lab animals by Air France-KLM took place on the Hamburg Airport. The demonstration was organized by the animal liberation group ANIMAL LIBERATION NETWORK (ALN) from Hamburg, Germany.
The first contact of the ALN activists was with 5 to 6 police officers who were friendly but immediately told us not to chant slogans as it could interfere with important airport voice announcements.


Up to 35 activist took part when the demonstration began. Whereas a bigger part was holding signs and banners, some activists were handing out campaign leaflets covering the entire airport area and started talks with passengers and visitors. During these conversations most people agreed to our appeals and aims. After one hour, as it was prohibited to chant due to a police order, one activist started speaking in a very loud way explaining why we are here and what we want to achieve. Immediately the police came over and told to stop the shouting even it was not chanting of many or chanting at all. As we weren’t able to find a consensus we had to accept that order.

Over all we were very happy with the demonstration and we thank all supporters and activists for coming, holding creatively designed placards and banners and handing out campaign leaflets.

The goal, to have all transports of lab animals stopped, is not achieved yet. First steps are made in Hamburg. The more important it is sticking at our insistences and showing them companies, which make a lot of profit with this cruel business, that this has to end prompt!