Berlin: Houseraid in the Scherer8

Hausprojekt Scherer 8 Berlin

On Tuesday, December 11th 2012, cops in plain clothes and in uniform from both Berlin and Bavaria raided the left houseproject Scherer8. We perceive this as an attack against left structures and emancipatory ways of life. In this year alone, it was the third houseraid on projects in Berlin. We don't accept this attempt of intimidation and fight against this form of bourgeois terror.


At 6:28 am the cops bullied their way violently into the house. In the mission there were a minimum of 50 cops in uniform and 17 in plain clothes, including 2 PMS-cops (political motivated crimes) from Bavaria. The more than thousand kilometer long business trip was justified because of property damage. Therefore, they received a search warrant from a judge for the room of the accused person, which we find ridiculous.


After the cops broke-in the door, they besieged the hallway and stairway and blocked the entrance or passage for housemembers. In the affected flat, every room was inspected and photographed, the inhabitants were prevented from leaving their rooms, all IDs were recorded, a layout of the flat was drafted, and people were forced to lay on the ground and insulted with racist remarks. People from other flats were partially not allowed to leave the house. The accused person was arrested and their computer, as well as storage media and clothes were confiscated. During the process of getting fingerprinted etc. their DNA was also taken, which was also ordered by the judge. All this just because of property damage!


This raid is the peak of boldness up to now. Already, one week earlier, one inhabitant was controlled and searched by the police in a van for j-walking (crossing a street by foot at a red light). Also, there was another attempt by PMS-cops from Berlin to gain entrance into the house - which failed one day before the raid on Tuesday.


Fire and flames to repression!