Australian Aborigines the world’s greatest explorers

The Australian Aborigines deserve high praise as the world's greatest explorers, having been the first human beings to venture beyond Africa and then made their way along the southern edge of Asia all the way to Australia.


That’s been revealed by DNA analysis on a lock of hair nearly 100 years old, which found that they were the first humans out of Africa 70,000 years ago.


Researchers looked at the 88-year-old hair sample, collected by British anthropologist Alfred Haddon during a train journey in the middle of the southwestern outback, because they wanted to find someone of 100 per cent aboriginal descent.


Haddon clipped the hair from the head of a young Aborigine and took it to England, where it remained in three successive Cambridge University museums.


It is considered to be almost completely uncontaminated with DNA from any other ethnic populations, ancient or modern.


From that hair an international team of scientists sequenced the man’s genome. And it has helped rewrite the history of early human migration.


That long, long ago mass migration out of Africa across vast stretches of southern Asia to Australia by a bold race of early modern humans was followed thousands of years later by a second wave of African emigrants.


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How can you speak of genetic contamination in context of family lineage?


Genetic contamination is what the GMO industry does, not the natural strains in our species that happen to be separate from your lineage.