Alles zum G20-Gipfel 2017 auf Indymedia linksunten

To all the comrades coming to the NO G20 in Hamburg

To all the collectives, groups, especially coming from Italy, Greece or Latin countries
To all the other people who want to follow the anti-summit through our anarchist view

We as Akkraak will go in July to Hamburg to follow the actions and demos the anticapitalist and grass-root movements are organising.

Since 1990 Akkraak is one of the first video-activist collective in Europe, not a TV or Film Production: we are part of the worldwide social media network.
Producing independent information with a self-determined point of view out of the commercial industry, we are against the Power and its mass media, which support the capitalistic Propaganda through a toxic disinformation.
Beside that, we are sarcastic and ironic, having fun in the struggle for our right for an alternative voice against capitalism!

The group is now international: during the NO G20 we will produce audio and video in italian, spanish and greek because we think it's important that also the comrades and civil society out of the north Europe countries can reach our alternative news and point of view on the anti-summit days in Hamburg!
In addition, we are building up a Network with Blogs, Radios and other media-activist groups..

You will find our media contents on the Web Pages we usually publish to

Stay tuned!