Bremen: Bundeswehr (Armed Forces) vehicle torched

Symbolbild Feuer, Quelle: Wikipedia
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G20: In Hamburg you say goodbye…in Bremen we do too!
   “Everywhere – Soldiers are murderers
    All over the world – Uniforms are murderers
   German weapons – Soldiers are murderers
   German money – Uniforms are murderers
   Germany technology – Soldiers are murderers…”

                                                                                     (Tod und Mordschlag)

With this song in our ears and a portion of anger in our stomach we sneaked through the hedges at night with an incendiary device under our arms to reach the consulting office for a career with the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces). We climbed the fence into the parking lot where we found a vehicle of the Bundeswehr. We quickly lit the device and placed it under the vehicle. Then we whistled with a smile on our lips and headed back into the night…

We also support the call ‘Anarchist call against the G20 summit in Hamburg’ and extend the target selection.

“We want to destroy, by July 2017 (and if only symbolically…) the rule of patriarchy over women, the rule of the states over their borders and urban centres, the rule of labor over our time, the rule of money over our social behavior, the domination of the goods about our lives, the rule of the cops over the fear of repression in our minds.”

Action Group Bundeswehr vehicles are of great interest to us

Bremen, 08.02.2017

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Inhaltlicher Fehler der Übersetzung:

"We are also responsible for the text" müsste heißen "We also support the call", im deutschen Original steht "Auch wir stellen uns hinter den Text"

Wir haben das korrigiert, danke für den Hinweis.

bundeswehr-auto in bremen abgefackelt bundeswehr-auto in bremen abgefackelt