Stop, reassess: no green light for Australian uranium sales to Ukraine

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16 December 2016: The Australian Conservation Foundation has called on the federal government not to advance uranium sales to Ukraine after a parliamentary committee identified risks of war, civil unrest and corruption in the eastern European country. The Joint Standing Committee on Treaties found the existing safeguards and undertakings are ‘not sufficient’ and there is a heightened risk that Australian nuclear material will go off the radar in Ukraine. The committee identified war, civil unrest and corruption as particular concerns. “There are unique and particular nuclear safety and security factors in Ukraine,” said ACF’s Dave Sweeney. “The existing framework is not fit for purpose. The inadequacy of Australia’s checks and balances may be further exposed by recent changes to the global political landscape that could result in an increase in Russian military adventurism. 


Australia, the country that fuelled Fukushima should not sell uranium to the country that gave us Chernobyl.”



The Committee found “Australian nuclear material should never be placed in a situation where there is a risk that regulatory control of the material will be lost”.


The Committee recommended that Australia “permit the supply of Australian nuclear material to Ukraine only if Australia has a suitable contingency plan for the removal of Australian nuclear material if the material is at risk of a loss of regulatory control”.


“The federal government has developed a pattern of ignoring the recommendations of this very important committee, comprised of members of all major parties and both houses of parliament,” Dave Sweeney said. “This pattern must not continue.  ACF calls on the federal government not to put its political agenda ahead of national and international security.”


For comment and context: Dave Sweeney, 0061 418 317 812

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Australia just signed a uranium deal with a nation at war with Russia

We're going to be sending uranium to the Ukraine. What could possibly go wrong?


Ill-advised and dangerous retreat from responsibility 

Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop's announcement to sell Australian uranium to Ukraine is an ill-advised and dangerous retreat from responsibility.


Miners see growth in uranium exports
The Minerals Council of Australia welcomed Bishop's announcement, saying: "This development is another important step in responsibly growing Australia's market access for uranium exports. It comes following Australia's agreements with growing markets in the United Arab Emirates, China and India in recent years."


Ukraine and Kazakhstan agree on joint uranium mining 

Uranium will be mined in both countries, Interfax-Ukraine reports, referring to a statement made by Ukraine's Energy Minister Ihor Nasalyk. 


Focus on production of fuel for Ukranian nukes

Askar Zhumagaliyev, chairman of KazAtomProm, and Igor Nasalik, Ukraine's energy and coal industry minister, have held their second meeting on future cooperation in the nuclear energy sector. The world's biggest uranium producer said in a statement the meeting focused on production of fuel for Ukrainian nuclear power reactors.


$30 per tonne beats $120 per tonne, joint nuclear fuel production possible

Ukrainian Energy Minister Ihor Nasalyk has said the cost of uranium ore in Kazakhstan is $30 per tonne, while Ukraine buys 1,500 tonnes per year at $120 per tonne. Nasalyk also said Kazakhstan also invited Ukraine to join the construction of a plant for production of fuel assemblies for nuclear power plants, which would become an alternative to Russia's TVEL.


Experts see hike in uranium price as more countries build nuclear reactors

In October, miners started work on the US$100 million (A$135 million) uranium mine near the Spanish city of Salamanca. Berkeley Energia, a mining company listed in Australia and junior AIM market in London, is expected to benefit when the price or uranium in the international market increases eventually. Spot uranium prices are at a 13-year low. 


Experts warn the 'nuclear age' is set to get more dangerous and could wipe us out entirely

Experts warn nuclear weapons will make the 'age of man' even more dangerous - and could wipe us out entirely.


The Anthropocene is a nuclear epoch – so how can we survive it?

Precarious states such as Ukraine and Kazakhstan have agreed to jointly produce uranium, also betting the industry will recover.


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As the Western world gets into the Christmas frenzy, with, alas, all its associated over-consumption, things seem to have gone rather quiet on the climate and nuclear news scene.

Not really. For USA and world politics, most observers are aghast at the team of billionaires that Donald Trump is picking for his administration. In particular, the consequences for climate action look

On the nuclear scene, the facade of success is being maintained by the industry, especially in the UK, where the global industry's big hope, Hinkley C nuclear project, struggles on. Behind the scenes, the "new Small Nuclear" proponents, often led by Bill Gates, quietly sabotage the "conventional Big Nukes", and promote small nuclear reactors as "clean". More about that later.

Julia Gillard on the need for education funding.

Increasing threat of computer hacking on nuclear plants.


David Noonan dissects the draft ARPANSA information for stakeholders on nuclear radioactive waste facility.

Local councils, consumers, energy companies lead the way to clean energy.

- Prime Minister Turnbull's lack of principle - kowtows to extreme right on climate change. PM Turnbull under fire for his slavish dedication to the coal industry.

- Senator Nick Xenopohon slams 'clueless and incompetent' energy monitor.

- Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO). AEMO's “Black System” report (about South Australia's electricity blackout) gets some serious criticism.

- Report finds 100% renewable grid “reliable, robust and stable”.

South Australia. 1835 (and counting) South Australians sign up to No Nuclear Waste Dump for SA. 25 prominent South Australians sign up to Ben Heard's Bright New Nuclear Bullshit. Taiwan rejects the claim that it would help South Australia to set up a nuclear waste dump. Treaty discussions between Aboriginal nations and South Australian government. Growing food in a desert.

Queensland's largest solar power farmQueensland. The Australian tax-payer is the sole investor in Adani's coal export plans. Greens urge Queensland government to reject $1 billion taxpayer-funded loan for Adani coal rail line. A month ahead of schedule, Queensland's huge new solar farm is up and running.

New South Wales. Sydney Lord mayor Clover Moore orders decisive action on climate change.

Western Australia's Premier (like South Australia's) risks political oblivion in promoting nuclear power.

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) - jobs growth with renewable energy.



UK. Pro nuclear UK Prime Minister Theresa May heading towards quiet public subsidising of new nuclear stations, South Korea might join the throng marketing their costly nuclear reactors to Britain. Engie, (formerly GDF Suez) might pull out of UK nuclear power plan Moorside in Cumbria. Confusion in, and opposition to, Bradwell’s Chinese-built nuclear plant plans. Anglesey UK: economy stagnates during the struggle to find finance for Wylfa Newydd New Nuclear.

FRANCE. French nuclear industry in chaos. Financially strapped French company AREVA gets a lifeline. EDF in dire financial straits, too. Global review of nuclear reactors, following news of cover-up of AREVA's manufacturing flaws. Nuclear worker convicted of terrorism conspiracy - had worked for 3 years while under investigation!


- American scientists making backups of climate data: fears that Trump will destroy climate files.
- USA's Nuclear Regulatory Commission gives 30 yr old Fermi 2 nuclear plant 20-year operating license renewal.
- Georgia Public Service Commissioners to decide on who pays rising costs for Vogtle nuclear reactors.
- USA nuclear regulators investigating potential risks linked to falsified French nuclear documents.
- Rick Perry who aimed to abolish Dept of Energy (DOE) - to be named by Trump as DOE Secretary! Nuclear industry confident that Rick Perry as Energy Secretary will boost their industry.
- Nuclear energy should be classed as "renewable" - says Arizona utility regulator.


Japanese government to provide $8.5 billion for a UK nuclear power plant project in Wales. Fukushima evacuee poll finds kids in eight Yokohama-area households had experienced bullying. More evacuees sue govt, TEPCO  over Fukushima nuclear accident.


China again flies nuclear-capable bomber over South China Sea.


Taiwan to hold off on plans for problematic Japanese food imports.


Germany's parliament approves nuclear waste deal with industry.


Another delay in South Africa's troubled move towards new nuclear reactors. South Africa's
Energy Minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson ordered to pay punitive costs in nuclear case.

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