Germany: Apoist Youth Initiative arson attacks against cars owned by Turkish fascists

We, the Apoist Youth Initiative – Revenge Team Çekdar Botan (Kassel), Revenge Team Lecvan Munzur (Munich) and Revenge Team Lecvan Munzur (Cologne), carried out arson attacks on vehicles in Munich, Cologne (20.08.16) and Kassel (23.09.16). All the vehicles were owned by Turkish fascists.

This action is in response to the 17 years ongoing captivity of our leader Rêber Apo (Abdullah Öcalan), and is a revenge action for all of our martyrs from the resistance who have fallen in North Kurdistan, Rojava and the Qandil mountains. We will continue our actions until Rêber Apo is freed and Kurdistan receives recognition status. We warn the BRD against being a supporter of the Turkish state in the war against our people and other democratic forces. So long as the BRD supports this policy of war, Apoist Youth will continue our resistance on the streets of Germany. All fascists, all the institutions of the Turkish state (UETD, DITIB, ADD, AYTK) and their German / European support networks all represent targets for attack by us. Nobody should call for us to end these actions. We hereby call on all revolutionary youth, especially revolutionary Kurdish youth to take action.

With revolutionary greetings

Revenge Team / Intikam Timi Sehid Lecvan Munzur (Munich)
Revenge Team / Intikam Timi Sehid Çekdar Botan (Kassel)
Revenge Team / Intikam Timi Sehid Lecvan Munzur (Cologne)

Apoist Youth Initiative, 03.10.16.