The Seven Seals of Cyber Peace and Cyber War

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Moron Excommunication by Supreme Will Have you noticed? The world war has accelerated, commercial mass media are losing focus, the spying escalates like a terminal disease. Refugees are coming to towns whose police chiefs have been shot on the doorsteps of their homes because they had rebel flags dug out from dead rebel leaders’ closed graves, and are wondering what they are fleeing from. The military-industrial complex is playing a dangerous game with the world which it can only loose. But it is uncertain how it might play out for us, in victory or in disaster. One thing is sure unfortunately, either we are winning or no one will.
Militarism can only bring about catastrophe for the species. The democratic state has bet its fate on a ridiculous speculation that it could defraud these who take their own way and get away with it. It is wasting an insane amount of efforts to keep up an illusion suggesting that if only its opponents came to bless all its lies, it would do everything it needs to do unconditionally. Its opponents, on the other hand, know why to only reward results not promises. It may appear like a chicken-egg situation except that Natural rights leave no doubt whether the individual exists for the state or the other way round.

This series of articles details how to handle the dismantling of the spying apparatus from a technical side. Technically, there is no difference between being approached by the military-industrial complex and being approached by a robot bomb. Both require swift understanding of and counter-action against their purpose. Both need to be neutralised at once and dismantled in time. The difference is on another level. If the robot bomb came in the guise of a pram it would be aesthetically similar to the spying complex as well. Such a construct demands extra time for taking down the disguise.


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The militarism of of the EU Facists is technically supported by EGI.EU in Amsterdam. They provide a cloud solution by use of the European Grid to coordinate their fashism organisation. (responsibel for the service working propperly is Malgorzata Krakowian with contacts to "White Legion" a Hooligan group of "Legia Warschawa"). So let us hit the responsible persons in the back!