On Wednesday, 18th of November, Slovenia closed its borders for refugees who are not from Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq. Just a little  later, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia adopted this practice of segregation. There is little doubt, that this policy was pushed by the European Union as a starting point for slowing down or even stopping the flow over the Balkanroute. There is information, that three camps in Athens are in preparation (for refugees, who are not from the mentioned countries). Furthermore, there are indications, that Afghans should be segregated  as well and that the Greek-Macedonian border will be closed completely for seven days soon. But all this is not officially confirmed yet. However, thousands of refugees are stuck in Eidomeni at the moment and started to protest. The Moving Europe Bus is at the spot and reports live.

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20.10: Situation still calm. Photo of new barrier on the rail tracks:

20.05: Article about today by News That Moves

14.15: Macedonian soldiers on the border line.

14.05: Greek police acted absolutely passive during the riot. In the background of this photo you can see the new fence under construction.

13.45: Situation calmed down for the moment. During the riot, Macedonian army entered Greek territory and destroyed the first lines of tents.

13.15: A lot of injured people because Macedonian army/police was throwing back stones and shooting with different kind of grenades into the crowd. Massive use of tear-gas.

13.05: Heavy riot continues. Macedonian army/police is throwing back stones and shooting with gas/smoke grenades into the camp.

12.55: People started throwing stones on Macedonian police/army. Greek police doesn’t intervene.


12.45: Reuters: Macedonian army starts building fence on Greek border

11.00: Here a video-interview we conduced two days ago in Eidomeni. Photos from yesterday:



19.00: It stopped to rain. But it is very, very cold now. Still people are arriving with buses, including those, who are not allowed to cross the border. There is a lack of nearly everything: Blankets, hot drinks, clothes, etc.

14.05: Heavy rain. The situation is close to a catastrophe, a lot of people are totally soaked. Many left to Athens with buses.

13.50: Photos from yesterday:

12.45: Reflections on yesterday:
The tension in the camp of Eidomeni rises constantly, as more people arrive and perspectives of those already stuck for many days are desperate. Yesterday, around 500 migrants protested intensively against their situation and tried to pass over. 15 persons managed to cross the border. Macedonian police was massively present  and used violence to prevent any border further crossings. Those who passed were caught little later by Macedonian police and pushed back to Greek territory. The protesters moved away a big part of the barbed wire on the border line. The next days will show, in which way authorities will react on this powerful signal of freedom of movement. In the evening the situation calmed down, but many more people arrived. Even those, who are allowed to pass, have to wait now for some time. Those who are stuck do not have access to adequate accommodation and provision of goods as temperatures are decreasing.
Video (The Telegraph)


16.35: Some photos.


16.15: Protesters partly moved away the NATO barbed wire. Now, Macedonian soldiers are blocking the border.


15.40: Approximately 15 people crossed the border in an irregular manner. At the moment, they are  caught and brought back to Greece by the Macedonian army. Fence construction continued today.

12.25: Ten Pakistanis were brought back to the camp in Eidomeni by the Macedonian army.

11.00: Hunger strikers slept without tents on the rail tracks.



17.30: Heavy rain now. This is particularly hard for people who do not have a place in the official tents. For buses with approximately 200 new people arrived.