Us and ohlauer school, a never ending tragedy

Us an Ohlauer school - a never ending story

What does it mean to be human? to be sensitive about the others? in the time that the only way to understand the world is the individualized perspective? can we imagine to live more collectively with other people who doesn't have as much possibilities as us?

once we all showed our strong solidarity with the people of school, and we all thought that is enough signal to the district and green party, to let the refugees to organize the self-organized international refugee center. but what happened after that? The district didnt even let the refugees open the doors of the room... The Grune, and Monnika Hermann assigned very racist and violant securities for the school and turned that place to an open prison. They even didn't let the press go inside the school anymore. And now they are very happy about it, because they made so much pressure so that, they break every kind of possible resistance.


Monnika Hermann, and her colleagues in die Grune partei, always just rejected any kind of collaboration with the people of school, and now they say they tried so much, and couldnt find a losung, and say that it is fault of refugees.

Does we ask, how is it possible to make this negotiations, when the district is so much powerfull, against the refugees which doesnt have any power? it is just too much unbalanced the power, and of course it can not work that way. Die grune, always claim they want to support refugees, but we dont see any real meaning in that... we should ask them, is it too much complicated for them to just, don't block this room in the school, which people want to make the international center in that? The problem is not Refugees, The problem is District and Monika Herman, and Die Grune partei. They are the real problem, and they don't want to admit it. In their new eviction letter, They talk about our 9 days resistance in summer and the agreement that they signed with their own hands. Now they completely reject the agreement, and say they signed because of the pressure. is this not a crime? who is destroying our dreams? can we just sit and look what they are doing to us?

What Monnika Hermann did to our XBerg in the last year is just horrible. She is responsible for the eviction of OPlatz and Cuvrybrache, leaving so many people just homeless. We really wonder how dare she talk about refugees when she just made so many refugees tromatized. Monnika Hermann and Die Grune are even more horrible than CDU. CDU says it clearly that they are against refugee politiks. But Monnika, always talk about helping refugees, and in reality what she do, is to just destroy life of refugees and break their resistance. this is so inhuman. There is no dignity and no honestness in what she is doing, and this is a shame for all the people who vote to her. really.

And that all has got done on behalf of us, who lived in this city and didnt organize ourselves enough, always thinking that it is gonna be fine. it is not going to be fine.

Eviction of cuvry brache was a complete horror movie. after a fire in the place they just didnt let people to go to the place, completely ignoring the fact that this place, is actually people's homes. They live there, and they had all of their stuff in there. So not only they became homeless in one night, but also they loose all of their belongings. Later when they hopelessly started sleeping in Gorli, Jugendamt threatend them with getting their children from them, because a park is not a proper place to raise the kids. was it these people choice to live in Gorli?

The district and police always called refugees as criminals. Who is the real criminal here? Why doesnt police arrest the politicians which make people homeless, just because of financial interest?

And now they start the new campaign called "Gorli for all", which actually means "Gorli for US". we never understood what is their problem with Gorli. Gorli was always a place for all, this is how it is known to everybody. Why should they use our tax money, to restrict Gorli. The ammount of racial profiling and police control in the last year was just horrible, and these all is getting done in our names.

what can we do about it? that's a question everybody have to find an answer. to politicize ourselves, and get out of the individualized living, and believe that we all leave together, disregarding our differences. and to demand with a loud voice a kreuzberg for ALL.

Ohlauer school is one of the last centers of resistances and through a horrible repression by district, is in a very weak situation right now. The only way to keep and open up this space, is start to organize ourselves. This is our last chance to keep this place of resistance and to really force the racist politicians accept opening of the International Refugee Center.

We have to come to the streets another time and claim our spaces. This time not for just right to stay, but for really starting the international refugee center, without all of this political bullshit involved. If we get united, and if we all care for it, that's not so complicated.

We Are One!


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Am Samstag (28.2.) demonstrierten in Dresden 5.000 Menschen, Flüchtlinge und Antirassisten "for a better live together and solidarity with refugees". Die Demonstration endete auf dem Theaterplatz vor der Semperoper. Ein paar Flüchtlinge und ein paar deutsche Unterstützer blieben auf dem Platz und bauten ein Protestcamp auf.

Als am Montag in Dresden die nächste Pegida-Demonstration war, attackierten einige Pegidaleute das Camp. Am nächsten Tag, am Dienstag, musste das Camp abgebaut werden. Es durfte auf Grund städtischer Auflagen nun nur noch ohne Zelte und ohne Dixi-Klos protestiert werden.

Am Mittwoch (4.3.) gaben die Leute vom ehemaligen Refugee Struggle Protest Sempercamp auf dem Theaterplatz eine Pressekonferenz. Um die Pressekonferenz gab es Streit mit Leuten anderer migrantischer Organisationen über die Protestform und über die Forderungen. Am selben Abend demonstrierten noch 50 NPD-Anhänger auf dem benachbarten Schlossplatz gegen die "Asyllobby".

 Im zweiten Beitrag mit harten, meiner Einschätzung nach auch in dieser Härte mehr als berechtigten  Vorwürfen gegen den Ausländerrat Sachsen (Dresden).

In Anlehnung an den Artikel Räumungsanordnung Gerhardt-Hauptmann-Schule! Never try to fool the people from the School! Aufmerksamkeit schaffen für Menschlichkeit und Würde. Keine Milliarden-verschwendungen mehr! Für ein humanes Europa. Hier und Jetzt. 


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