Report: Hamas Executed 20 Palestinian Anti-War Protestors in Gaza


Israel's Channel 10 has reported that dozens of Palestinians emerged from the devastated Gaza neighborhood of Shajaiya to protest against the war, and that Hamas rounded twenty of them up and shot them in the street.


The report, delivered during a panel discussion, was based in turn on reports by Palestinian sources, translated by Channel 10's analyst. The demonstrators reportedly blamed Hamas for the destruction of the neighborhood, and Hamas's response was to kill them all immediately. Asked how the demonstration could have come about in the first place, the analyst speculated that there could be other pockets of resistance that would emerge.

A fellow panelist observed that throughout the war, not one leader from Hamas had emerged to represent the group in public. "I haven't yet seen a single shot of a Hamas man in the Gaza Strip" in news reports, he said.

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This information is a fake: 


Here a text coming from an israeli blog translated from hebrew into english