Shoots on refugeecamp this weekend


Pätz: series of racist intimidations against asylumseekers does not stop

INFORIOT According to residents of the refugeecamp in Pätz, which is a part of the city Bestensee, four shots were fired onto the camp from a passing car at 3am in the night from saturday to sunday. Luckily nobody got injured. According to reports the police was called immediately but came several hours after the incident. It can be assumed that it was an organized racist attack. The incident is the current climax of a series of racist intimidations in the remote Pätz.


Since October 2013 racists are mobilizing against the camp that was opened in February 2014. Masked as a „citizen-initiative“ but clearly organized by the NPD, several demonstrations took place last October and December. The Demonstrations counted a high numer of partizipating residents. On facebook racists openly called up to attacking the camp. Since then racists often caught attention in the suroundings of the camp. Residents report not only about people taking photographs in front of the camp, multiple intimidations and attempts of attacks, but even about bomb threats and chases. Recently neonazis appeared directly in front of the camp, whilst throwing hate-flyers over the fence and distributing them in the neighbourhood on 30th June. The police-known neonazis got caught by the police.


Also in the nearby city of Waßmannsdorf a refugeecamp got attacked by neonazis in October 2012. Stones and paint bombs were thrown, swastikas and slogans were sprayed. In Dolgenbrodt, which is located in a distance of only 15km, Neonazis burned down a refugeecamp in 1992 – one day before the opening. It was espacially terrifying, that the arsonists got paid by inhabitants of Dolgenbrodt.


The refugeecamp in Pätz is located in the remote area of a forest. To get from the trainstation Bestensee to Pätz it takes the refugees a 45 minute walk through dark and empty streets.