Urgent call for practical solidarity with the prisoners in Greece!

Raus aus dem Knast!

For years, Greece is the venue of intense class struggle. Memoranda of the troika on the one hand, massprotests and direct action on the other side. Now the Greek government has taken aim at the prisoners in the prisons of Greece: As part of a reform of the prison system, the government proposes an approximation to the jail in other European countries. After countless tightenings of the social- and health system & Co. , now the prison system is on target.

The government wants a reclassification of prisoners in three categories: Type A, are the rich, serving time because of property crimes, etc.. Type B are many prisoners, imprisoned because of minor offenses. And finally, type C are revolutionary, political and rebellious prisoners of the armed struggle, sometimes even those who rebel against injustices in jail and voice their protest.

Depending on the type of prisoners they face a different prisoners regime. The prisoners of the type C may be facing solitary confinement, the deletion of detention holidays and visits. If the proposal of the government is accepted, then these prisoners might be facing the same conditions as in the F-type prisons in Turkey, the high security prisons in Germany and the FIES regime in Spain.

The government has presented the bill now, just before summer holidays in Greece. At a time, when a social debate is hardly possible. The parliament is pressured to accept the proposal until July 10 - contrary to the usual practice that the parliament adopts no new laws in the summer.

The political prisoners (amongst them those of November 17, the Revolutionary Struggle, the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire) will not accept any prison food from June 18 until June 20, after that a hunger strike will be discussed. The other prisoners as well will be investigating this new law, since it will also worsen their situation. The solidarity movement outside of the prisons is, among other things, calling to take to the streets to protest and for other actions in Athens, Thessaloniki and other cities in Greece.

It is of immediate importance now, that practical, international solidarity is shown. We are calling for support for the prisoners and the solidarity movement in Greece. Send reports, photos and more to info@rhi-sri.org so the militants in Greece receive this information.

The consequences of the adoption of this draft are known from other countries. Whether inside or out - now is the time for solidarity.

Solidarity with the prisoners in struggle in Greece! Smash capitalism - build international class solidarity!

Secretariat of International Red Help
Zurich, 06.16.2014



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