[B] Plainclothes officers identified at anti-Nazi blockade

O-Platz Räumung 08.04.2014

Two plainclothes police officers were spotted at the anti-Nazi blockade on Sunday, 26.04.2013. Prior activities include, but are not limited to, the forced clearing of O-Platz on 08.04.2014, as well as at the "Mobidemo" at Kotti on 23.04.2014


This past Sunday, they disguised themselves in black hoodes; one also caried a small, this flagpole with a black flag attached. They identified exiting a police van near the blockade at Heinrich-Heine-Straße. Later, the two appeared among groups of activists at the blockade at Neue Jakobstraße, as well as at the corner of Inselstraße and Wallstraße.


They also marched with demonstrators at the demo after the blockade from at least the subay Heinrich-Heine-Straße until Moritzplatz. Once the arrests began, the two moved together along with the angry protestors towards police. They were seen later entering a police van at O-Platz.


We assume based on their clothing and behavior that the two made an attempt to actively influence, and not simply observe, the course of events during the demonstration. Perhaps you have further information in this regard.


The two of them have likely gained experience which they will use during later deployments. Make a note of these two plainclothes cops, and be careful!