[W] Refugees had to leave Servitenkloster

Kein Mensch ist illegal

Tonight they want to stay at the Academy of Fine Arts

Refugees had to leave the Servitenkloster today. Within few hours they were ask to leave. Last call to end their stay was the 30th of Oktober because Caritas wants to renovate the building. Until now its not clear why today the Caritas was so eager to finish the refugees stay so fast. 


Since weeks the Refugees are looking for the possibility to live and organise together: „We dont want to be separated. We left Traiskirchen and other facilities to break our Isolation and stand up against injustice. Now they want to separate us, so that they can deport us in silence!“, so Mir Jahangir, one of the speakers. 


On todays evening after the event „Art, Activism, Academy“ in the Academy of Fine Arts the refugees, their supporters and Students of the Academy to stay there. „We cannot keep asking, it's a fact that we are here. If we go today, we gave no place to go," tells us one of the refugees. Refugees as well as supporters want to stay overnight. 


Solidarity is a must!


Come to the Academy!