For a society without fear

Kein Mensch ist illegal

### Increase of racist harassments and assaults in Teltow ### antiracist demonstration this sunday ###

Pressrelease of some refugees and supporters from Teltow, 26th of september 2013

We, some refugees and supporters from Teltow and around, want to draw attention on the threatening situation, that refugees and muslims are exposed to the past weeks. Since the beginning of September countless racist stickers appearing in the surrounding of the refugee-camp in Teltow and close districts of Berlin, which amongst others denounce muslims and their belief. Furthermore some stickers are labeled as Antifa-stickers, to make them responsible. In the course of removal actions, racists intimidated and tried to attack refugees. Another inhabitant of the refugee-camp was beaten up by racists on his way home at the 8th of September. [1] The concerned persons pressed charges.


On the stickers, which are directed against muslims and their belief, are pictured amongst other, different variations of two pigs, on which the names of Mohammed and Allah are written in Arabic. Burning qurans are also pictured. These pictures are a provocation and a big offense for people of Muslim belief. These stickers appeared in Potsdamer Straße, Warthestraße, Berliner Straße and other Streets in Teltow at the first of September. At the same time different stickers of the NPD appeared. It is sure, that this stickers are racist motivate and similar or the same contents can be found on known racist websites and blogs. Since today racist stickers are appearing in Teltow.


At the 3rd of September some refugees removed this stickers. Near by a racisti was seen, who was pasting more stickers. Refugees asked him about the anti-muslim and racist contents of the stickers. Afterwards he and other racists chased the refugees and threatened them with violence. Some days later a refugee was attacked by three racists at the train station on his way home to the camp.


We will not be a target of racist hatred without contradiction anymore! We don't want to live in a surrounding, where hatred against muslims and racist attacks are a daily occurrence. But we won't hide and we won't be intimidated any longer and we call for:


Let us together on the 6th of October remove the racist and anti-muslim stickers and demonstrate for an open and a caring society! Meetingpoint is at 14:00 at the refugee camp in Teltow in Potsdamer Straße 5. From there we will march through Zeppelinufer, Zehlendorfer Straße, Teltower Damm, Potsdamer Straße, Alt-Schönow to the trainstation. Meeting Point for People from Berlin is 12:00 at the refugee-camp in Oranienplatz.


Together against racism and exclusion!


Asylum is a human right!


For a society without fear!