Syrien in Calais - Streik und Hafenblockade

Refugees Welcome

50 syrians are making a spontaneous demonstration in the port of Calais, by blocking the ferry/car access, they also decided to launch a hunger strike!
Syrian refugees went on hungerstrike and are blocking the port of Calais (France). Here is some information on the situation as it happens right now (!) and their call out. They protest against the inhumane living conditions that are imposed to them in Calais, evictions and arrestations from squats to squats and even arrestations when they live in the street to avoid being arrested inside houses.


They ask for a better treatment in France, stopped being kicked out from the places they live in,having more food that the one meal a day they get now, that the french government let them go to england, and to speak with the english government. A lot of police are surrounding everybody but don't move for the moment.
They need support on the ground, and people to spread the news!


Their communique



We have been here now between one and two months. The french government and police have been very bad with us and do not care about us. They have kicked us out of our house into the street. Anytime we find a place to stay the police comes and arrest us, destroy our belongings, close the place.

There is nowhere safe for us to shelter in Calais, we are here just for one thing and that is to have asylum in England. Many of us have family and friends in England who we would like to see and be able to live with. There is also a strong syrian community there, more than in France.

We are now demonstrating in the port of Calais, we will not leave until they let us go to England. We demand one person from the UK home office comes here to speak with us, and to see our situation. We have the right to claim asylum in england, but how do we get there ? There is not a legal way to cross.

We are about 65 people from syria at the port at the moment, with our families, old women, mothers, children the youngest being three years old, friends, and they are over 50 police officers.
We have the right to live a peaceful life and we have unfortunately war in Syria. We need help quickly. We are looking for safety and shelter in Europe but we have not found it yet and we hope to find it in uk.

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