Santiago: Attacks on Bci and BancoEstado branches

Foto: Attacks on Bci and BancoEstado branches

Claim of responsibility for the explosive attack on a Bci bank branch in the district of La Cisterna and the incendiary attack on a BancoEstado branch in downtown Santiago:
While an apparent calm prevails in the Chilean territories and a festive ambience fills the streets as a result of the football circus that alienates those who voluntarily succumb to stagnation, we decided to carry out a small destructive gesture so as to show are solidarity in action with our imprisoned comrades. We are not indifferent to the ghosting of Tamara Sol to the women’s prisons of San Joaquin, nor do we forget the conditions under which our comrades are jailed; Juan Flores, Nataly Casanova, Enrique Guzmán, Javier Pino, Natalia Collado, Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar. We do not forget the long term subversive prisoners, nor do we forget the Mapuche political prisoners.

On Wednesday June 24th, at 00:30 in the night, we blew up the Bci bank branch located near the bus stop 22 of Gran Avenida, destroying the biggest part of the ATM stations. We also claim responsibility for the incendiary attack that burned the ATM stations of a BancoEstado branch at the junction of Matta Avenue and Chiloe, on June 13th.

May the flames and the uproar reach your cells!

Mauricio Morales, Sebastian Oversluij: present!

Prisoners of war to the streets!

Solidarity – Conspiracy – Attack

Autonomous Groups of Combat