Tierbefreiungen der ALF in USA, England, Uruguay, Frankreich und Kanada


"Du weißt was zu tun ist - tue es einfach. A.L.F."

Aktivist*innen der Animal Liberation Front (ALF) haben im vergangenen Monat zahlreiche Tierbefreiungsaktionen durchgeführt. Tausende nichtmenschliche Tiere können seither deshalb in Freiheit leben. Befreit wurden Nerze, Füchse, Luchse, Fische, Kühe, Fasane, Wachteln, Meerschweinchen, Hasen, Hühner und andere Vögel. Die Aktionen fanden überwiegend in den USA und England statt. Weiter gab es aber auch Befreiungsaktionen in Uruguay, Frankreich und Kanada.


Einige der Aktionen fanden in Solidarität mit Gefangenen der Tierbefreiungsbewegung bzw. anarchistischen Gefangenen statt. Zudem wurde in manchen Bekenner*innenschreiben auch expilizit betont, dass der Kampf für die Befreiung nichtmenschlicher Tiere auch immer für die Befreiung von Menschen stattfindet. Dabei gingen die Aktivist*innen auch auf die ausbeuterischen Arbeitsbedingungen ein unter denen Menschen auf Pelzfarmen und in Schlachthöfen zur Lohnarbeit gezwungen werden.


"We will not stop, until all the cages are empty." -- "Wir werden nicht aufhören bis alle Käfige leer sind." So oder ähnlich endeten alle Schreiben in denen sich die ALF-Aktivist*innen zu den Befreiungsaktionen bekannten.


26. August - North Branch (USA):

Aktivist*innen der Animal Liberation Front überfallen den Schlachthof 'Mcnee's Meats' in der Stadt North Branch, MI, USA. Bei der Aktion wurden die Türschlösser der Trucks und Eingangstüren verklebt, Käfige zerstört und die Wände mit den Slogans "Fleisch ist Mord" besprüht. Zudem wurden 15 Kühe befreit.


26. August - Ontario (Kanada):

Aktivist*innen der Animal Liberation Front überfallen die Royal Oak Fur Farm in Simcoe, Ontario, Kanada. Bei der Aktion entkommen 750 Nerze und 50 Füchse im Schutze der Nacht.


15. August - Paris (Frankreich):

ALF-Aktivist*innen befreien zwei Goldfische in Paris.


15. August - Oregon (USA):

ALF-Aktivist*innen überfallen das Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife game bird exhibition pens in der EE Wilson wildlife area (im Norden von Corvallis, USA). 3 Ringfasane, ein weißer Fasan, eine Bergwachtel und dutzende andere Vögel konnten in die umliegende Wildnis entkommen.


14. August - Illinois (USA):

Tierbefreiungsaktivist*innen befreien in in Morris, Illinois, USA über 2.000 Nerze aus der East Fork Mink Ranch (1875 Nelson Road).


28. Juli - Idaho (USA):

Tierbefreiungsaktivist*innen befreien in Burley, Idaho, USA über 2.400 Nerze aus einer Nerzfarm. Die nichtmenschlichen Tiere konnten nach dem Überfall entkommen und verteilten sich entlang des Snake River.


28. Juli - Südengland:

Tierbefreiungsaktivist*innen befreien in Südengland 116 Hühner aus einer Legebatterie. Die Aktion ist dem gefangenen Tierbefreiungsaktivisten George House gewidmet.


27. Juli - Montana (USA):

ALF-Aktivist*innen überfallen die Pelzfarm von Shelli Frazier at 6934 Highway 200 in Plains, Montana, USA. Bei der Aktion können 60 Luchse entkommen.


27. Juli - Canelones (Uruguay):

 Tierbefreiungsaktivist*innen überfallen den Zoo in Canelones (Uruguay) und befreien dutzende Vögel, Meerschweinchen, Hasen und andere Tiere. Die Tiere die nicht alleine entkommen konnten wurden mitgenommen und an einem sicheren Ort untergebracht.


22. Juli - Californien (USA):

Aktivist*innen der Animal Liberation Front überfallen die Ash Grove Fasanen Farm at 10540 Victoria Avenue in Riverside, Californien, USA. Alle Zäune werden geöffnet, so dass die Fasane im Schutze der Nacht entkommen können.



Nachfolgend werden Bekenner*innenschreiben in englischer Sprache zu den Aktionen gelistet. Teilweise in deutscher, französischer und spanischer Übersetzung:


26. August - North Branch (USA):

Bekenner*innenschreiben zu der Aktion in North Branch, MI, USA:

received anonymously:

In the early morning of August 26th two ALF members traveled three hours to a small town called North Branch, MI to vandalize and liberate a family slaughterhouse called 'Mcnee's Meats' -years prior the beef they sold was even tested positive for E. Coli. One member glued the ignition to the transport truck and the lock to the front door as well as sprayed painted 'Meat is Murder' on the front of the building. The other member freed fifteen enslaved cows from being slaughtered, broke the lighting fixtures, and smashed holding cages for chickens (cows being the only animals present).


26. August - Ontario (Kanada):

Bekenner*innenschreiben zu der Aktion in Simcoe, Ontario, Kanada:

anonymous report:

In the early morning of August 26, 2013, the ALF raided Royal Oak Fur Farm in Simcoe, Ontario. We approached the fur farm and laid down in the tall grass so we could watch the guard's building for any sign of movement. Once we were satisfied it was empty, we cut the bands that attach the chainlink fence to the poles and then tore a large area of fence down at the back of the farm and opened the front gate. We estimate we released about 750 mink and 50 fox. The fox almost seemed to understand what was happening because once they realized they were free, they wasted no time leaving their cages and escaping through the holes we made in the fence. After the fur farmers house lights flicked on, we quickly started pulling off breeding cards and tossing them around the empty cages, and then made our retreat through the corn fields with a noisy group of mink experiencing their first taste of freedom. We won't stop until this, and all fur farms are empty. - ALF


15. August - Paris (Frankreich):

Bekenner*innenschreiben zu der Aktion in Paris, Frankreich:

anonymous report:

Two goldfishes were kept in a dirty bowl in an art school in Paris.
The bowl with the fishes was used as a piece of decoration in a student play. The student performers left the bowl in a common space of the school between the plays. Goldfishes are cousins with carps and grow just as big. They are supposed to live around 25 years when they have space and oxygen, and yet they probably are the most tortured 'pet', because they are strong and able to survive sometimes a few years in terrible conditions. As it was an easy thing to 'steal' the bowl and find a great place to live for the fishes, it became a duty for us to do the job. They are now both living in a big garden pond with other goldfishes and will never endure dirty water and lack of space again. We will do that again every time we have the possibility to. We encourage you to do the same and also to try to steal and free living sea animals from markets (lobsters, crabs etc) It is also a necessity to inform people about goldfishes, they do have memory, they do feel pain and they absolutely need a lot of space and other fishes to live with.




Deux poissons rouges étaient maintenus dans un bocal d'eau sale dans une école d'art parisienne.
Le bocal était utilisé comme un élément de décor dans une pièce de théâtre étudiante. Le reste du temps il était dans un espace commun de l'école. Les poissons rouges sont des cousins des carpes, et deviennent aussi grands. Ils sont censés vivre autour de 25 ans quand ils ont l'espace et l'oxygène nécessaire, et pourtant ils sont probablement l'animal "de compagnie" le plus torturé, parce qu'ils sont résistants et capables de survivre parfois plusieurs années dans d'horribles conditions. Comme il était facile de "voler" le bocal et de trouver un bon endroit pour vivre à ces poissons, c'est devenu notre devoir de nous en charger. Il vivent maintenant dans un grand bassin de jardin avec d'autres poissons rouges. À chaque occasion que nous aurons, nous referons la même chose. Nous vous encourageons à faire de même, et aussi à envisager de "voler" et libérer les animaux marins vivants sur les marchés (homards, crabes etc). C'est aussi indispensable d'informer les gens à propos des poissons rouges, ils ont une mémoire, ils ressentent la douleur, ils ont un besoin absolu d'espace, et d'autres poissons avec lesquels vivre.



15. August - Oregon (USA):

Bekenner*innenschreiben zu der Aktion in Corvallis, Oregon, USA:

reported anonymously:

On the night of August 15th the masked liberators of the Animal Liberation Front carried out the rescue of wild pheasants and quail from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife game bird exhibition pens at the EE Wilson wildlife area (north of Corvallis). Wire cutting tools were used to completely cut open 2 of the game bird pens and partially cut open 2 others giving 3 ringnecked pheasants, 1 white pheasant, and 1 mountain quail a chance to escape into the surrounding wildlife area. If it wasn't for a car pulling into a lot next the pens, forcing us to make a premature departure, the rest of the dozen or so birds would have been
given a chance at freedom as well. This action is no victory for those left behind.

The EE Wilson wildlife area was once home to an ODFW breeding program that
bred pheasants mainly to be released to repopulate state hunting grounds. The ODFW discontinued this program in the late 1990's, however they still keep a small number of birds on this site as a tourist attraction. It is sad and pathetic that these wild birds would have to spend their entire lives in a cage for any reason, let alone for something as trivial and frivolous as being put on display for the public.

There are over 100 registered captive wildlife facilities in the state of Oregon that imprison pheasants, quail, mink, elk and other wild animals. These facilities generally contain little to no security, require little to no specialized skill set to raid, and hold animals which in many cases can be directly liberated into the wild. All it takes is a little determination and a $15 pair of bolt cutters to make animal liberation a reality.

In solidarity with anarchist prisoners Marie Mason and Eric Mcdavid. For the silent ones and all those on the run.

For freedom and dignity,
Animal Liberation Front


14. August - Illinois (USA):

Bericht zu der Aktion in Morris, Illinois, USA:

According to a local newspaper, 2000 mink were released from cages at the East Fork Mink Ranch (1875 Nelson Road) in Morris, Illinois early on August 14. In addition, paint stripper was poured on two trucks, and "Liberation is love" was painted on a barn.


28. Juli - Idaho (USA):

Bekenner*innenschreiben zu der Aktion in Burley, Idaho, USA:

anonymous communique:

On the evening of July 28, 2013, friends of wildlife entered the Burley, Idaho, mink farm of Fur Commission USA Board Member Cindy Moyle, compromised the perimeter fencing, and set up roving surveillance of the on-site night watchman. We then liberated the entirety of her breeding stock into the wild, emptying over twenty-five percent of this wildlife prison.

Illuminated in the moonlight, 2400 of these wild creatures climbed out of the cages where they had passed their entire lives in isolated darkness, to feel the grass under their feet for the first time. Their initial timidity quickly became a
cacophony of gleeful squealing, playing, cavorting, and swimming in the creek that runs directly behind the Moyle property. They will live out their new lives along the Snake River watershed.

Cindy Moyle is a current Board Member, and former Treasurer, of the Fur Commission USA. After the recent leadership shuffling in FCUSA, we felt that the Moyle Mink Ranch would be perfect to test out the efficacy of FCUSA's new emphasis on farm security.The Moyles are a mink dynasty in Idaho, operating up to eight farms, their own in-house feed operation, and a tannery. Those doubtful of our resourcefulness and guile have in the past called the Moyle farms impenetrable. Indeed, this is the first time that anyone has attempted action against one of them.

Having now had the pleasure of testing them ourselves, we wholeheartedly approve of the new FCUSA security guidelines. We are happy to see FCUSA members increasing their overhead on security - it means they are only that much closer to bankruptcy when we raid their farms. In the case of the Moyles, the breeding records we destroyed represent over thirty years of painstaking
genetic selection. There will be no recovering these genetic lines.

Aside from their operations harming helpless animals, the Moyles have also been federally investigated for exploiting undocumented workers and trafficking endangered species. Mike Moyle, ex-mink farmer and the current Idaho House Majority Leader, has used his political position to block Idaho neighborhoods from being able to declare his family's foul and fly- infested prisons to be public nuisances.

The fur industry will no doubt propagate falsehoods regarding this act of kindness.

They will claim that we are terrorists. We say that if peacefully opening cages is an act of terrorism, then the word has no meaning. It is appropriately applied to the mass imprisonment and killing of wild animals.

They will claim that these mink are domesticated animals and will starve. Documentation on the success of farm-bred mink in the wild is extensive, so we will add only our experience watching these naturally aquatic animals, who had spent their entire lives in cages, head instinctively for water and begin to swim and hunt.

They will claim that conditions on mink farms are humane. We ask why, then, they try only to hide those farms from the public, pushing for legislation to criminalize the taking of photographs. The mink that we freed from the Moyles lived in intensive confinement in their own waste. Their suffering was plain to the eye, and their yearning for freedom plain to the soul.

They will say that our raid may inspire copycat actions. We say that it undoubtedly will. It is a glorious thing that we live in a world where individuals regularly demonstrate the ultimate act of compassion - risking their freedom for the freedom of others.

They will say that we will not stop short of the complete and total end of the killing of animals for their fur. On this point we are in total agreement.

We act with love in our hearts.


28. Juli - Südengland:

Bekenner*innenschreiben zu der Aktion in Südengland:

anonymous report:

116 chickens liberated from a intensive farm in the south of england, this raid is dedicated to our imprisoned comrade george house.

until all are free


27. Juli - Montana (USA):

Bekenner*innenschreiben zu der Aktion in Plains, Montana, USA:

received anonymously:

In the early morning hours of July 27, the Animal Liberation Front visited the
property of Shelli Frazier at 6934 Highway 200 in the town of Plains, Montana,
completely surrounded by the beautiful Lolo National Forest. Frazier applied in 2006 for a permit to imprison bobcats on her property in a fur farm that she hoped would eventually grow to sixty cats. Despite already making a living breeding horses, she perhaps felt that this could be a lucrative side business. We arrived at her unpublished address determined to correct her mistake, and watch her investments run free into the wilderness.

Exploration of the site revealed that the force of economics had already precluded any need for the force of boltcutters - strewn about this disgusting and decrepit property were large empty cages, the rusted remains of Shelli Frazier's dreams.

It was not until we checked every single run in an empty cat hutch tucked at the back of the northern lot that we found the tragic consequences of her business ineptitude. In one of the runs, huddling against the back wall, surrounded by rotting food, mildewed wood, and his own feces, was a lone bobcat.

The sight of a creature so majestic in a state so pathetic cannot be done justice
with words. We have yet been unable to determine why Frazier kept him and him alone, but if it was a sense of sentimentality, it certainly was not evident from his
treatment. Emaciated and filthy, his beauty was evident even through the matted fur and traumatized stare, with his bushy jowls and black ear tufts. To be in such proximity to this creature, staring into his haunting yellow eyes, changed every member of our cell. We could only speculate as to how he had suffered and what he had seen, but we could know with certainty that he deserved a shot at freedom. We opened his cage and left.

Shelli Frazier is not the only cruel human ever to keep such noble cats in tiny cages in Lolo National Forest. More than two decades ago, Rodney Coronado visited Cole MacPherson's bobcat prison in the town of Lolo just an hour's drive south of Plains. MacPherson's farm was Frazier's fantasy - a shed of sixty pacing, neurotic, traumatized large cats. Though he was forced to close shop around 2005, the ALF still keeps tabs on MacPherson - today, he continues his dental practice in Missoula. This should be a lesson to Frazier. If you ever again hold wild creatures captive on your land, we will breach it to free them.

Animal Liberation Front

Additionally, though we generally avoid airing internal issues in communications such as this, we felt that this small action, unlikely to attract media attention, would be appropriate to do so: As an ALF cell, we adhere strictly to the guidelines, including a policy of total nonviolence. Because of our desire not to be misrepresented to the media in this regard, we have in the past very clearly
requested that NAALPO not publicize or speak to the press about certain actions of ours. NAALPO has flagrantly disregarded our wishes in this regard. When a press office claiming to represent the ALF directly scoffs at the requests of the ALF, this should be a scandal within the animal rights movement. Those of us underground risk our freedom and sometimes lives rescuing animals; the least we can expect is a press office that is responsive to us. We regret having to hash this out here, but due to our anonymity we have no other recourse. We hope that NAALPO will respect our wishes in the future - it seems to us that its very legitimacy would hinge on this.


27. Juli - Canelones (Uruguay):

Bekenner*innenschreiben zu der Aktion in Canelones, Uruguay:

received anonymously (translation):

On Saturday, July 27 the Atlantida zoo (Canelones/Uruguay) was taken by surprise when we entered and opened several cages that contained a wide variety of animal slaves.

Unfortunately, not all the animals could regain their freedom, but several birds, guinea pigs, rabbits and other animals were rescued and relocated elsewhere. There were those who by pure instinct flew away towards the horizon. Several messages were left in the empty prison, such as: 'opening a cage, freeing an animal, that's love'

For a life in freedom, away from the domestication that we try to force on them, for love and respect of other animals, for opportunities to try new actions and for all those animals who are enslaved behind bars. We will not stop, until all the cages are empty.

Animal Liberation, much more than words.



El sabado 27 de julio , se tomo por sorpresa el zoologico de Atlantida (Canelones/Uruguay) , pudiendo ingresar y abrir varias jaulas que contenian una gran variedad de animales escalvizados .

Por desgracia , no todos los animales pudieron recuperar su libertad , pero si ,varias aves , cobayos , conejos , entre otros animales ,que pudieron ser rescatados y re ubicados en otros lugares , como aquellos que por instinto puro , se fueron volando hacia el horizonte . Tambien se dejaron varias frases en las carceles vacias que decian : " abrir una jaula , liberar a un animal , eso es amor"

Por la vida en libertad , fuera de la domesticacion que nos quieren implantar , por el amor y el respeto hacia los demas animales , por nuevas oportunidades de probar nuevas acciones y por todos esos animales que estan esclavizados tras una reja . No pararemos , hasta que todas las jaulas esten vacias .

Liberacion Animal , mucho mas que palabras .


22. Juli:

Bekenner*innenschreiben zu der Aktion in Riverside, Californien, USA:

anonymous report:

In der Nacht des 22. Juli betraten maskierte Aktivist*innen der Animal Liberation Front die Ash Grove Fasanen Farm at 10540 Victoria Avenue in Riverside, Californien. Obwohl der Farmbetreiber nur weniger Meter entfernt schlief wurde der Zaun mit Zangen geöffnet. Vier der sechs Gefängnisse wurden aufgebrochen, um diesen Lebewesen eine Chance auf Freiheit zu geben.

Wildtierfarmen sind überall. Ihre Opfer können immer direkt entlassen werden, weil keine Einwilderung nötig ist. Diese Lebensrettungsaktion brauchte keine besonderen Fähigkeiten, weniger als vierundzwanzig Stunden Planung und 50 Dollar Kosten. Mit einigen Werkzeugen und Entschlossenheit ist jede*r fähig die Barriere zu zerstören, die zwischen den Tieren und ihrere Freiheit steht.

Höre auf darüber zu fraternisieren. Höre auf darüber zu fantasieren. Höre auf davor Angst zu haben.

Du weißt was zu tun ist - tue es einfach.

Wilde nichtmenschliche Tiere warten auf auf ihre Befreiung aus den Gefängnissen in deiner Nachbarschaft.

Nur ein Dummkopf hält an der Welt fest wie sie ist.




received anonymously:

On the night of July 22, the masked rescuers of the Animal Liberation Front entered the Ash Grove Pheasant Farm at 10540 Victoria Avenue in Riverside, California. As the farmer slept just feet away, the fencing was torn open with wire cutters. Four of the six pens on the property were breached, giving these beautiful beings a chance at freedom.

Wildlife farms are everywhere. Their victims can be immediately released, with no rehoming necessary. This life saving action took no specialized skill, less than twenty-four hours of planning, and fifty dollars. With basic tools and determination, anyone is capable of destroying the barrier that stands between an animal and their freedoms.

Stop fraternizing about it. Stop fantasizing about it. Stop frightening yourself out of it. You know you want to - just do it. Wild non-humyns await their release from prisons in your neighborhoods.

'For only a fool would cling to this world as it is,'


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Sich für Tiere einzusetzen ist prinzipiell eine gute und unterstützenswerte Sache. Jedoch ist das planlose freilassen von Tieren auch gefährlich: durch solche Befreiungsaktionen werden Neozonen in Gebieten freigesetzt, die eine Gefahr für die heimische Tierwelt darstellt... Beispiele hierfür sind in Deutschland u.a. der Waschbär und der Nerz. Diese Tiere gefährden Bodenbrüter, verdrängen Teilweise das heimische Raubwild und müssen damit verstärkt bejagt werden... Man könnte sagen, der Natur wurde ein Bärendienst erwiesen!