NoBorderCamp Info- und Mobiveranstaltung (de/en/fr)


Information and Mobilisation Evening
on the No Border Camp Cologne / Düsseldorf 2012

Ten days of camping in the summer, with demonstrations, creative actions, workshops, discussions …: From 13 to 22 July, a No Border Camp will take place in Cologne, during which, among other things, actions will focus on the airport in Düsseldorf as a hub of the European deportation machinery.

The camp is intended to be a space to deal together and in various forms with, and to resist, (collective) deportations, Frontex, antiziganism, everyday racism and far-right discourses, institutional racism, intolerable living conditions of refugees and migrants and their struggles against them, (neo-)colonialism and reasons of flight as well as the murderous situation at the external borders and many other subjects.
In addition, the camp is meant to be a place where antiracism, antifascist and feminist perspectives and critical perspectives on capitalism are thought together. A place to enter into conversation with one another and form new alliances, where struggles of refugees and *people of colour* meet with those of racism-critical *white* people.

The mobilisation / information evening intends to provide some insight into the topics and aims of the No Border Camp as well as in the current state of the planning for the No Border Camp and possibilities of participation.