Tell the world in English about the Nazis

I don't think the world at large understands the dimensions of the neonazi problem in Germany. I was stunned to learn the other day that more than 6,000 nazis marched through Dresden on February 14th. It would be good if someone could write about what/who/where they are, what they do, how big they are, what sort of people are opposing them and how, what size following in the general public they have, how police seem to be blind on the right eye. Post it on the Australian IMC sites Sydney and Perth, please, and on the international site for downloading by whoever wants it. I expect we'd all be surprised by how many do.


Diet Simon

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More than 6.000 nazis marched through Dresden on February 14th 2009...

Would be cool if some people manage to write an article for IndyGlobal - put it as feature


sth. like "60 th year of Germany and still there are Nazis on the 1. May"


Then link the different tickers and translate them live to english...


A nice scenario but a lot of work...

If my questions and others I haven't thought of are answered, I offer to translate or proof someone's English. I won't touch ideological bla bla. Bart knows where to find me.