Stop Qaddafi


The Arab League has just asked the UN Security Council to create a no-fly zone over Libya. Right now Qaddafi's forces are crushing the rebellion town by town and brutal retribution awaits Libyans who challenged the regime. If we don't persuade the UN to act now, we could witness a bloodbath.

Libyans are asking if the world has abandoned them. The Avaaz community is deeply committed to non-violence, but enforcing a no-fly zone to ground Qaddafi's gunships is one case where UN-backed military action seems necessary. Polls of our community show 86% of us support a no-fly zone. Now, as the decisive UN vote nears, it's time for the biggest outcry we can raise to break the international deadlock.

We cheered when Libya's people rose up, and we cannot, we must not, ignore their plea for help now, in their darkest hour. Even if you've sent one before, click to send a message to the UN Security Council now:

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Fuck off with this imperialistic intervention