Gr: 2nd Letter of Giannis Skouloudis from Avlona prisons, Letters from Prisoners about Nadir Case.

Not so far away the time, when our comrades will get out of the jailhouses.

 “Oh, blessed hour, you gave me all the feverish intellectual intensity, I love you! I would not exchange the bitterness that you caused me with all the mediocre sweets of the world, I would not give the fevers that hammer my head, that burn my forehead, for the quietness and the peace of all the cowardly people!"


Letter from Giannis Skouloudis:


 “Oh, blessed hour, you gave me all the feverish intellectual intensity, I love you! I would not exchange the bitterness that you caused me with all the mediocre sweets of the world, I would not give the fevers that hammer my head, that burn my forehead, for the quietness and the peace of all the cowardly people!"


 We are experiencing a reality trapped in the limits set by the net of sovereignty. In a treaty structured from dominating perceptions, basic characteristics of which are compromise and passivity.In a treaty where the competitive values of consumerism, that so generously is offered by capitalism, are practised on us from the moment of our birth until our death. Placing therefore ourselves in a permanent and tenacious move of this detonation of revolutionary war and polarisation of the social climate we come into a position to comprehend this treaty. To comprehend that is to say on an evolutionary base, an entire system of relations and perceptions that is carried into the field that is called society.


 The modern social trunk shaped via the systemic mechanism of propaganda, shared out into totals and roles and dependant on the social values and institutions, is found in a permanent hunt of devolution and on a permanent search of fictitious needs that will improve the profile of its social position.


 Speaking of this complex mesh and of the modern urban landscape that surrounds it we could talk about an ostensibly invulnerable factory of production of foreseeable behaviours and predetermined habits that has as an aim the social inactivation, weakening and taming of any trace of non-agreement and disobedience that could harm the process of reproduction of the status quo.


 This field constitutes also the platform on which the revolutionary plan will be developed. It is the rotten building, the old world on which the revolutionary forces should be . It is the base that is the most fertile ground in order for the so healthy insurrectionist desire of refusal and our violent opposition with the sovereignty to bloom. The desire that springs from the basic recognition that the social situation in which we find ourselves leads our lives to seediness.


 The desire that walks on the scale of revolutionary exploration and that invents continuously new ways that will contribute in the total crash of dominating regulations.The insurrectionist desire that,irrelevantly of how the enemy functions, self-protects and is upgraded, will never cease to exist. Ahead comrades.


 This is the season where we will extend the breadth of revolutionary creation and destruction.


 Always at war.





 Giannis Skouloudis, Avlona Prisons 13/01/11


 P.S. And while the letter was ready to be published, I learn that the 4 comrades (Babis Tsilianidis, Dimitris Dimtsiadis, Sokratis Tzifkas, Dimitris Fessas) that were wanted, are arrested and i therefore as a first move send them all my strength. Hold strong brothers.





 boubourAs translate actforfreedomnow!






 Letter from I.G., pre-jailed about Nadir Case:


 Early in the afternoon of 4th December, took place an organized action by 50 cops against the anarchist centre of Nadir, inside the ground-floor of the B sector of students’ block of buildings, violating this way the university asylum. The cops raided in the place, arresting 9 people, 3 girls and 6 boys, injuring several of them. Later we were taken to ΓΑΔΘ (General Police Authority of Thessaloniki), where I am kept up to this time.


 The first day of our arrest, until we were brought behind the bars of these wreath cells, era that lasted about 12 hours, I was the only person who was handcuffed with my hands feeling numb because of the pain, under the excuse that the guards did not have the keys or the orders to take out the handcuffs from my hands. At the same time the cops tried to get statements from us and pushed us to sign confessions. At that time the translator tried to mislead me (she was authorized as translator by the cops and probably works for their interests) to sign a confession telling me that in reality it is a legal document, stating that during the body check on mine by the cops it was not found any mobile phone on me.


 Of course I did not sign anything like also did the rest of my comrades, but I was close to be trapped and sink in deep shit, as probably has already happened with other Bulgarians with the certain translator.


 So that started the racist discrimination against me, because I come from Bulgaria, discrimination that still exists until today.


 Almost after 12 hours we were led to the detention cells of ΓΑΔΘ where the conditions of detention for prisoners are wreath, since the first days they have not given us any blankets and many of us were sleeping on the floor.


 Two days later and accompanied by a whole army of cops, we were led to the prosecutor who announced us the ridiculous accusations which were blaming us as responsible for all the damages that have happened in the University Campus since the last years. Three days later we stepped in front of the investigator who decided about my pre-trial custody. For one more time my home country became serious evidence for my pre-jailing despite the fact that I had the same accusations like the rest of my comrades who were not pre-jailed.


 My opinion is that this whole cops’ action that reminds of a Hollywood movie took place just because there were two days before the 6th of December, the date when Alexandros Grigoropoulos was murdered, event that let the revolt of 2008 to brake out.


 The cops’ action obviously took place in order to create a climate of terror before the 6th of December, just like also happened last year against Resalto anarchist centre in Athens.


 With this action, the cops made it besides to stop the airing of the self-organized radio station of Radio-Revolt 88.7 FM because among the objects they seized was also the server of the radio station. The wagon of Radio-Revolt was attacked one month before by the Para-State and after this the server was transferred to the anarchist centre of Nadir.


 The anarchist centre of Nadir is an open social space with a music studio, a cafeteria, a bibliotheca, a gym, and also with a place for people to sleep. The centre was visited every day by many people who wanted to develop a socio-political action, event that I do not consider as negative.


 In conclusion, for almost 40 days now I am a hostage under wreath conditions of detention that are offered by the cells of democracy. Despite all the above, they will not make it to smash me because I know that it’s not me who is the victim, but the cops themselves because their rotten minds can not even understand what freedom means.


 Solidarity to all those people who, like me, stay in the wreath cells behind the bars because I know and believe that all together we are powerful and there are not any jailhouses or any authority that can terrorize or flatten us.


 15th January 2011

 from Γ.Α.Δ.Θ's detention cells

 Pre-jailed about Nadir case.




  Letter from the two Anastasiadis brothers, pre-jailed in Avlona jailhouse about Nadir case:


 The current on-going situation is a period of economic and political crisis of the capitalist state while its decisions and the new measures begin to be controversial, while in the same time the strength of the society is tested and continuously running out, causing turbulence through this ways and the risk of a subsequent social explosion.


 Such kind of a case is also the movement of the citizens who daily refuse to pay for driving through the toll-posts on highways (, such also as, the reactions from citizens against the government’s plans to build up a landfill in the district of Ovriokastro in Keratea that result to violent clashes with the repression forces ( Additionally to the above comes also the massive Strike of 15th December in Athens and Thessaloniki when clashes brake out with anarchists, anti-authoritarians, and other radical teams confronting with the cops, but also with fire attacks against banks, luxurious cars and shopping centers. At the same time takes place the beating of the ex-minister and parliamentary member of Nea Dimokratia (right wing party) Mr. Kostas Hadjidakis, after being perceptible by citizens while he was trying to pass through the demonstration.


 Before this, however, the state wants to prevent such repeated disturbances by any possible way smashing the most radical parts of the struggle, such as the anarchist one. Few days before the 17th of November demonstration an attack by Para-State takes place against Radio Revolt in Thessaloniki, attack that had as an aim the disorganization and the disruption of contra-informing by the Radio Station, which despite the total destruction kept airing from inside the anarchist centre of NADIR. So, considering also the December’s 2009 invasion in RESALTO centre, in the same way also this year it is also understandable the repression invasion of the police in the energetic and always active centre of NADIR seizing beside others, a large amount of money determined for purposes of the struggle and the server of Radio Revolt and thereby achieving temporary to disable the airing of the Radio Station.


 There is no doubt about the large increase of political prisoners in recent years. We would like to make clear about this that the work of the statist apparatus of repression extends to continual persecution and comrades’ arrests, wanting this way to destroy any kind of insurrectionary mood. But on the other hand, the State faces our glazed revolutionary comrades, with more methodic actions and mobilizations against the State and capitalism fully aware of this risk that led us and many other comrades still in the hands of the State.


 One and a half months now in pre-jailing custody and as the days are passing the perception of the events is changing considerably, since the absolute gap of activities gets complemented by considerations of self-criticism and personal development.


 The prison is a path that each revolutionary struggling person must individually take into account from the beginning.


 Nobody can say that living conditions are more or less resource good, since he/she lacks the freedom and uniqueness of him/her, but even under the worst conditions you can find subjects that can be in favor of yours so, that the time can roll on your side.


 There is none restriction, none authority, not any kind of violence that can cause damage to our determination, our actions and our ideas… In contrast we get shielded more and more!





Anastasiadis Brothers

15th January 2011

Avlona Jailhouses

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