Gr: Open letter by Philip and Pepe Mayer

the state is the only terrorist

Open letter by Philip and Pepe Mayer about the sycophancies and the publications by some parrots of the state about our sister.

The big game that is being played on the back of our sister and our family. With the trial of the defendants for participation in the organization “Conspiracy Cells of Fire” approaching and the explosion in the Administrative Court building remaining unanswered on the side of arrests, it was expected from the state to try to catch a "big fish" and if it cannot, it manufactures it, so that it recovers its lost prestige and demonstrates its strength.


Thus certain journalists, agents of authority, found the oppurtunity, based on the coincidental synonymy of our mother with an alleged member of the RAF, Barbara Meyer, to set up a cinematographic history of conspiracy with alleged interconnections of international and domestic groups. They reached such a point of ridiculousness, that they re-published names of wanted members of the RAF from the '80s and other spicy sauces to satisfy the terrorized public.


Our mother was presented therefore as a wanted and disappearred terrorist, the moment where she lives in Greece together with us, her family.


Our father Wolfgang had a worse fate in their hands, after not only they changed his name, but they also presented him to have been killed in a shoot out with cops in Austria years ago! Very Shocking for a musictherapist that lives and works healthy in Germany…


Our sister, because it appears she had a drink with somebody from the 4 arrested that are accused for a incendiary attack in Thessaloniki, through these myths and her “terrorist” genealogical tree, was herself baptized as a member of a criminal organization and is called to testify!


Our sister, as we, is not a terrorist, but an anarchist, a choice heavy in a world of dominators.


We demand that this sordid game that is played on the backs of our sister and our family stops immediately and we warn all those participating that they will find us in front of them.


And lets not forget: The states are the only terrorists.


 (translation by boubouras, actforfreedomnow)