Tunisian Revolt: The Barbarity of the Tunisian Police - Video

The video contains raw scenes from a Tunisian hospital. On the dead bodies of the citizens that are captured on the camera lays the obvious death injures that prove that several of them were shot on the back of their neck, on the back side of their bodies on heart's point and others were beaten up on their head until part of their brain came out of the bone. Namely, these murders happened in order to straightly kill without any deffensive reason. Such crimes rise up on the level of war - crimes and the Tunisian Authorities should be treated as Nazis. Active Solidarity is needed immediatelly!


The barbarity of the Tunisian Police against our Society in revolution (without arms). Our revolution is a Social Revolution, who are born before 4 weeks to fight against dictatorship, unemployment, poverty, and misappropriation of public resources.

The Police killed more than 70 citizen (unarmed) in just 4 weeks.

Please share it, we want all the world know what this terrorist government are doing now !!!

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 Possibly, armed parts of the army solidarize with the revolted people in order to throw out the dictatorship of Ben Ali.


 These news according to: http://thenextweb.com/twitter/2011/01/12/military-coup-in-tunisia-the-re...

 According to several reliable information, the junta of Tunisia spies continuesly the communications of citizens and journalists that happen via Facebook, Google and Yahoo.


 The junta has leaked out usernames and passwords from e-mail accounts of Gmail and Yahoo from many citizens, journalists and web pages' admins. The junta does not only remain on passive spying, but also in many cases deletes stuff, like photographs, via the accounts.


 Also, through the State base of Communications, they put ten more lines of code in any reloading of a page in http. With this code, the State services get the ability of spying each movement of the internet users, while they also send his/her username and password (without the user knowing it), so someone can connect to his/her account and find out which are his/her movements on internet.


 The https connections do not have any problem, but the junta is throtling on the SSL, pushing the citizens this way to use the http connections.


 Workers of the State Services of Telecommunications say that during the last days have arrived immediatelly at their buildings members of Siemens and Ericsson, in order "to provide knowledge on technologies".

 Several army forces are guarding government buildings ...


 The junta shut down Universities and Schools in order to block the spreading of the revolt: