Paint Attack on DHL Offices in Mannheim

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On April 3, marking the beginning of NATO Summit, an affiliate of DHL in downtown Mannhein was subject to a paint attack.  The area around the entrance was covered in paint and statements.  This action stands openly in the context of the protests against the NATO Summit in Strasburg and Baden-Baden.

The target of the attack was a central affiliate of DHL located at Mannheim’s Paradeplatz. Unknown attackers painted the ground in front of the entrance and spray painted “No-NATO and “DHL Warmonger” on the wall.

The action shine a light on DHL, which in the past weeks has been subject to criticism because of its support of NATO’s war efforts.  DHL handles logistic for the German Federal Army, like the transportation of Army’s mail services in addition to recruiting.  The latter, of course, only furthers the militarization of society and increases the cooperation between capitalist concerns and the military. DHL wants to begin transporting the army’s fighting crafts.

The action can also be seen as sign of solidarity with the battles in Strasberg, in which numerous people have already been arrested and injured by the police.