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News from the infopoint Baden Baden: Since noon Thursday we are on the square in front of Baden Baden trainstation. We have got two big tents, food, a legal team, information and medics. Because of dificulities in the communication structure we are going to use this Indy to let you know about the last news, it will be live,


We are 20 people here at the infopoint, we are dancing with a ghettoblaster, the coppers are standing around the infopoint and controlling people who want to go to the infopoint.


After some provacation this afternoon and early evening, the situation has calmed down. This afternoon and dawn, they permantly walked through the meeting, didn't stick to agreements, were complaining the whole time, and wanted to forbid us to use "town" stones to secure the tents. After the TV programs intervened, this topic was delt with.


It's difficult to say how the night will be. The number of people allowed to take part in this meeting is not limited. But more then 10 people aren't allowed to sleep here.But more people are certainly going to come, because of the rejections on the boarder. We invite everybody to come here, but we cannot garentee you a stressfree time. Wir want a powerfull demonstration tomorrow. It starts at 11 O'Clock, and marching begins 13:00 here at the station.


If you come here you are certainly going to be controlled. The coppers, are standing spreaded around the square and check everybody who wants to come here. One person was arrested in Baden Baden. Because of an  open warrent of arrest, this person is still in jail.


So, we are looking forward to you,we know of one good posibility to come into town (time:21:00).


You can also phone us; 01522 - 4551075

Also wir hoffen auf euch, es gibt unseres Wissens noch mindestens eine gute Möglichkeit (Stand 21 Uhr) unkontrolliert ins Stadtgebiet zu kommen.
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Infotelefon 01522-4551075