Video: Make Militarism History - Anti-NATO Auftaktdemo in Freiburg

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In the run up to NATO Summit in Strasbourg, Kehl, and Baden Baden, a large, unregistered (e.g. illegal)  demonstration took place in Freiburg on the evening of March 30.   The demo faced a massive police presence, one not seen in Freiburg for decades. The authourities attempted, with the help of media fear mongering and with police circling their wagons, to orchestrate pubic perception of the demo. Indeed, about 2500 people--clowns, sambistas, Autonomen, and peace activists--did not let actions spoil the mood.  Rather, they put forward a clear message againstwar and the militarization of both foreign and domestic politics

You can hear some of the participants express their own opinions in this clip; opinions which were totally ignored by the mainstream media.

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