Police harassment at the Anti-NATO Camp

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Today, Tuesday, March the 31. at about 10:30 pm, the Anti-NATO Camp was attacked by police yet again. Although everything is going very calmly at the camp, an attack on the part of the police happened, while most participants of the camp were attending a reunion. Police attacked a group that is looking after the welcoming of  new arrivals and the maintaining of relations with the residents.


The cops - BAC once more, a unit known for appearing as agents provocateurs in the banlieues - remained true  to their reputation and tried to arrest the welcome team. The camp residents' quick and determined reaction prevented the arrests, although several identity checks took place. BAC's numerous cow-boys with their blue lights and sirens had to leave without having achieved anything. In order to vent their frustration, they threw some (allegedly three) shock grenades on the camp residents.


To be continued...