Further Conflicts at the Border

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Conflicts at the Border Crossing Altenheim, south of Offenburg


Last night, a total of 10 people were forbidden while attempting to enter France.  The restriction for these people pertains to France, Switzerland, and Luxembourg, and runs until April 5.


In written explations, the reasons for refusal of entry, among others, were "typical scene clothing",  "familiarity to the police",   "belonging to  the violent leftist scence" and "lack of cooperation" during the inspection.

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As we have to expect border controls at the journey, here you find some tips to the journey – here is
a selection, that you can expand with your own creative ideas:


– most important: we have the right to assemble! There is a registered demonstration on Saturday
and it's our right as European citizens to assemble in Strasbourg (European right to freedom of
assembly, freedom of speech, freedom to move)

– Discuss before, how you want to behave in case of a border control
– Stay always calm andfriendly
– Travel as early as possible – help to constuct the village
– At the big border crossing points there have to be expected longer waiting times
– Driving on country roads is scenically nicer than on motorways
– Woman at the wheel is welcome
– A French license plate is certainly advantageous
– Pack your car practical and open
– Share cars (maybe also more than one car on the same time)
– Do you have French friends you maybe want to visit?
– If you are detained longer than legally intended max. 30 minutes at a control (in France), call the
Legal Team
– If the entry or departure is refused, accelerated proceedings may make sense to get through an
entry (here you should call the Legal Team as well)
– ... and certainly you have more creative ideas
German Legal Team: +49 – 761 40
97 251
French Legal Team: +33 – 368 460 262