Bakoteh dumpsite

The communities of Bakoteh and Manjai had a closed door meeting yesterday 17 July 2017 with officials of the Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) at the KMC chambers.


By Madiba Singhateh

The KMC delegation included Mayor Yankuba Colley who received the delegation from the communities who were represented by Abubakarr Jeng, Rohey Njie and another.

According to reliable sources the talks have been successful and on Thursday they will converge at the dumpsite to do a topographical survey.

At a press briefing concerning the re-opening of the Bakoteh dumpsite held on Friday 14th July 2017, some days before talks were held; Mr Jeng called on stakeholders to focus on the problems of the dumpsite and it solutions.

He said they are fighting for the communities of Bakoteh/Manjai, because they are the ones at the centre of things. He added that they are concerned citizens living within a community that has a social problem affecting them.

Mr Jeng emphasised that their plight should be considered. He said their communities should not be neglected. He remarked, “They should involve us because we are the ones who are directly affected by this dumpsite. Therefore our involvement is very important in this case”.

All the members of the two communities present at the Friday meeting said they will not relent until a definitive solution is taken on the issue of the dumpsite.

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Foroyaa Newspaper, 18.07.2017


The tense atmosphere which prevailed when personnel of the police intervention unit cordoned the area adjacent to the Bakoteh Dumpsite is an eye opener and has given signal to that.

Where there is no dialogue there is potential misunderstanding and conflict. It is gathered by Foroyaa that after a cold shoulder was initially displayed against the communities of Manjai and Bakoteh, meetings are now being convened to look at the problems of the dumpsite in a more comprehensive and holistic manner.

Foroyaa hopes that this dialogue will continue until the promises of the minister of the environment are fulfilled to the satisfaction of the survivors of the dumpsite.