(G20) To our friends …

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As expected, Hamburg – the so-called gate to the world - is already showing its true face. In an authoritarian state of emergency police ‘s tactic is based on deterrence and demoralization. A central aspect of this tactic is the continuously open question of camps and sleeping places. Furthermore, this aims to withdraw the protest’s base and infrastructure in advance.

This is not going to happen with us! If the bourgeois state does not obey to its own rules, we will not even think of continue playing this game. As camp and sleeping places are not negotiable for us, we will enforce them. In Hamburg it was previously shown, that offensive answers to the escalation of the cops can and will be found, as the examples of struggles for the Rote Flora for the “Esso-Häuser” or against die “Gefahrengebiete” point out. Let the games begin! The anti-summit protests won’t start with the Welcome to hell demonstration in the first place but now, by enforcing the necessary infrastructure for our protest!


Moreover, police tactics aim to prevent you to get to the actual protest against the G20 summit. Don’t let them intimidate you and come to Hamburg – now! Stay tuned and check upcoming announcements and actions.


If the most relaxed player having the monopoly of force Germany has ever seen, bets on escalation, he should not be surprised when shit will hit the fan soon.