[AntiG20] Camp durchsetzen und mehr!

[AntiG20] Camp durchsetzen und mehr! Fight for the camp and more!
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In Hamburg the Pigs are once again trying to set themself over legal verdicts while they are currently blocking the build-up of the anticapitalist camp. That's why we publish the 8th Berlin Newsletter from the autonomous-anarchist network here with a overview of the days in Hamburg and infos for the Welcome2Hell-Demo.

Slowly recovered from the eviction of Friedel54, police brutality and with anger in our stomachs we invite you -against great odds of the pigs-state- to build up the anticapitalist camp from today on. We also give an overview of the upcoming week of action against the G20 in Hamburg. Travel-advise: the pigs are controlling trainstations and access roads since days. Recommendation: alternativ routes, bourgeois looking or convoy of vehicles plus always the number of the legal team. Last but not least some thoughts from friends about militant action in solidarity (only in german - above - translation wanted)

*** Enforce the anticapitistic Camp! We need us now all on the Elbe-peninsula! ***
Do not wait until some busses may bring you maybe only thursday to the Event in Hamburg - come now! After the general verdict for camps at the highest court, there had been another legal victory for the camp in the Elbpark Entenwerder (S-Bahn Rothenburgsort) with sleeping-tents included. The police is not willig to give the space (breaking news)! Anyway and if the access-ways to a new camp are narrow and it needs a lot of people to get along and do sth against the pigs-bullying. The last days had been full of controls, whereas now they at least have to allow us sleepingbags (and sleep). But what does the pigs care about our basic rights! So let's care about us, share our skills and nor get intimidated neither stopped!  
Anticapitalistic camp
Call-Out for a anarchist barrio (until now only german - come with your tents, help us with translation/coordination)

*** Overview Week of Action NoG20 in Hamburg ***
Without a claim of totality, here a little timetable with some links. More so as infos and currents on:

Tue, 4.7. Reclaim the Streets "Hard Cornern". Hedonistic Massmeeting on the streets against G20
Tue, 4.7. Summit of the Many (WuFi) opens the first branch of wishes

Wen, 5.7. 10-21:30h, summit for global solidarity  
Wen, 5.7. 12h, Performance "1000 shapes"
Wen, 5.7. 18h Landungsbrücken, Rave through the city

Thu, 6.7. 10-21:30h, summit for global solidarity
Thu, 6.7. 16h Manifestation at Fischmarkt, 19h Start of the Demo Welcome to Hell (s.below)

Fri, 7.7. EARLY, blockade the harbour "Shut down the Logistics of Capital"
Fri, 7.7. EARLY, Block G20 "Colour the Red Zone" 
Fri, 7.7. all day, schoolstrike
Fri, 7.7. from 12h: protest-football-tournament with framework program 
Fri, 7.7. EVENING, the G20 want to move from exhibition halls to the Elbphilharmonie (planed)
Fri, 7.7. 19h Moorweide/S-Dammtor, Colourful Mass - cycling-demo "we don't car"
Fri, 7.7. 20h Reeperbahn, communist Demo "G20-entern - Kapitalismus versenken"

Sat, 8.7. 11h Deichtorplatz (close to main train station), International Demonstration "Grenzenlose Solidarität statt G20!"
Sat, 8.7. from 12h: protest-football-tournament with framework program

Sun, 9.7. 12h Harburger Rathausplatz, Anti-Knast-Demo "NOBODY FORGOTTEN, NOTHING FORGIVEN", Demo the prison

*** Welcome to Hell - Demo-Update ***
There had been a so called "Cooporation Meeting" with die Pigs for the autonomous pre-demo. Controversial is by now the location for the final manifestation. As the Pigs have "security concerns" for the Karolinenplatz, they rather want to have the official end of the demo at Millerntorplatz. They probably still want to do pre-controls, but its also clear that we will not accept and find an offensive way to get arround with it. There will bei 5-7 demo-vehicles and in overestimation of our own capabilities we still believe in the biggest black block in history.
The plan of action for the international anticapitalist demonstration can be find here.
Come organized for row- and chain-formations, come in black, come to the spectacular start against the G20!
16h Fischmarkt-Standing-Manifestation (Program)
19h Start of the Demo in Hafenstrasse (at the hights of Park Fiction)
More Infos