Queenslanders kept in the dark about Adani, Greens push “Stop Adani Bill”

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The former leader of the Australian Greens, Bob Brown, and Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Larissa Waters, have called on the Queensland Labor government and the right-of-centre federal government to play it straight with Queenslanders about Adani's mega-coal mine. Brown said: "Queenslanders are being kept in the dark about the environmental impact of this mega coal mine and the number of jobs it will create. An Adani expert under oath said there would be 1,500 jobs or less, but Prime Minister Turnbull and Premier Palaszczuk say it will create up to 10,000."


"If they have confidence in this figure, why don't they release the modelling, what are they afraid of?


"We don't know which projects will miss out on NAIF [northern Australia development] funding in order to hand Adani $1 billion of taxpayers' money.


"Will the damage to the Great Artesian Basin aquifers be repaired and, if not, what will the permanent damage to our groundwater be?


"Coal kills people, destroys livelihoods and drives global warming that is killing the Reef.


"The Adani mega coal mine is this generation's Franklin River. Just like in 1983, people power will stop it."


Waters said: “In the next week of Parliament the Greens will introduce a bill to stop $1 billion in public money going to Adani to prop up their dirty mega coal-mine.


"Under current federal law, there is nothing to stop a company with such an awful track record from being given public money.


"The Greens 'Stop Adani' Bill would create a 'suitable person' test and put an end to dodgy handouts.


"Queenslanders will remember how Queensland Labor sold them and the environment out for a dirty coal mine when they cast their vote in the upcoming State election,” Waters said.


"It's no wonder Queensland Labor ministers are afraid of losing their seats to the Greens."






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By the Australian Conservation Foundation


In just two months the government could hand over $1 billion of public money to prop up Adani’s giant polluting megamine.

That’s $1 billion of our hard-earned public funds to a dodgy company for a climate-wrecking project with a dead end future. It’s a disgrace. And we won’t stand for it.

Already millions of people have taken action to stop Adani’s dangerous mine. Over a million signed the petition to tell Turnbull no to a $1 billion handout to Adani. Thousands of you turned up to the #StopAdani roadshow. And hundreds of you are forming local groups all over the country. Together, we are building the biggest movement in history.


And we’re turning up the heat!


Join us for a national week of action from 15-19 May to escalate the pressure on our elected representatives. For five days, we’ll write to them, phone them, meet with them, turn up at their events and protest outside their offices. We won’t give up until they rule out public funding for Adani’s disastrous mine.


You can download the national week of action toolkit now. And sign up for the webinar to chat to me and my team about the strategy and the actions you can take. We’ll answer any questions you have and get you fired up and ready to go!


Watch the video to see what it looks like when you put piles of coal next to a pristine wetland.

Did you hear our President Geoff Cousins on Radio National  this morning? Geoff was talking about legal advice we've received that company directors of the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) are likely to be in breach of their duties if they approve a loan for a controversial coal railway. Share the video to spread the word of what happens when you put piles of coal next to our pristine waterways, wetlands, rivers and reefs


To stop Adani, we have to stop the money and shift the politics. Before June, the government could announce a $1 billion of public money for Adani’s megamine through NAIF.


Let’s turn up the heat on our elected representatives locally so they feel the heat nationally.


Never before has our movement been so coordinated and determined. We won’t allow a cent of public money to go towards Adani’s mine. Not through NAIF. Not ever.


Our vision isn't clouded by coal dust. Our vision sees a beautiful world powered by sun, wind and waves where our communities, reefs, rivers and forests thrive.


Be part of making history! Join the national week of action. Download the toolkit now and sign up for the webinar.

Don’t sit this one out!


Let’s win this!



Basha Stasak
Healthy Ecosystems Campaigner