queer-feminist night walk

Dach Reitschule

DeutschFrançaisItaliano | queer-feminist night walk | april 21. 2017 , 9pm , bern mainstation

a wild, angry and self-determined walk for all woman*, lesbians*, transgender*, intersexual*, and queer people (no cis-men)


this annoys us:


... to be stamped as emotional

... to doubt our own beauty, because of beauty ideals

... to be touched without permission

... the norm of shaved legs, armpits and genitals

... having to fit in the norm of what society thinks

of men and woman

... to be looked at and treated like an object

... to be considered as weak

... the attitued that feminism isn`t necessary any more

... having to watch our drink because we don`t want to take

any substances without our knowledge

... that our lives should end as mothers, housewifes or/and with a career

... that our sexuality should only exist to please cis-men

... the taboo of mastrubation

... the attitude hat only partiarchal authority has to be fought



we want to:


... be emotional, without having to be

... feel pretty, without fitting in with social norms

... have body hair how and where we find it pretty and comfortable

... define or not define our gender, how we see it independently from

the way we are seen

... be seen and treated as an individual

... be strong and weak when and how we want

... fight partiarchal and all other forms of oppression

... be heard no matter who we are, how we are or what we seem to be

... party without restraint

... live our lives how we want to and the way that makes us happy

... act out our sexuality the way that makes us happy

... mastrubate and be able to talk about it

... fight against all diffrent forms of oppression and stand in solidarity with all emanzipated

projects and fights


That is why we will walk wildly, angry and selfdetermend through the streets of bern. we will meet on the 21 of april at 9pm in bern at the main station. all woman*,lesbians*, transgender*, intersexual* and queer people are welcome


***This flyer has been written by a consentual democratic organized group of woman*, lesbians*, transgender*, intersexual* and queer*, nearly all of us are white cis woman without immigration background or kids, we are all quit jung . we try to be aware of our priviliges and to deconstruct them. we want to be open for all woman*, lesbians*, transgender*, intersexual* and queer* people with all kinds of backgrounds and find it important to support all kinds of emanzipated fights***


1) oppression based on origin, species, economic capability, appearance, abilities age etc. through social norms, adverts, goverment and non goverment repression

2) as long as no ones boundaries are ignored