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Starting with the introduction to this blog it has to be said that there will be no spectacularized commodification of its contents so as to make them products for adoption and justify its existence. Its existence stands on values of persons and not of ideologies. Inside the capitalist alienation of commodification of personalities and ideas the anarchist speech that intends to deconstruct all systems needs to be carefully used in its expression as not to fall into the trap of offering yet another product of civilisation.[...]


Most important is to say that this experimentation is not here to ”enlighten” anyone about how they ”should” act and why. There have been many idealists in anarchist thinking of which whoever wants to buy hope or something to grasp on for the breach of their existential void can read. There are also many manicheans who reek of a sense of duty for those who like a sense of belonging. This experiment belongs to no fictional tendency nor will it try imperatively to raise one with the danger of creating a product for the sterilized consumers of the epoch of utmost depersonalization but instead it will aim at creating egoistic bonds which don’t have role models or a known outcome, between individual egos voluntarily away from the imaginary bonds-roles that are created within reactive to society contexts of resistance. This doesn’t mean that the ones who write these lines are an ”elite” or some kind of specialists in anything, on the contrary this comes from someones who want to experiment more in theory and practise with total liberation as a tool of the persons and never the persons in the service of idealistic causes that acquire the form of universal significance. Therefore we are not advocates of the ideologeme of the ”destruction of the existent”, the pillar of political ideological nihilism that raised itself as an unavoidable reaction to the failed management of the exact same sacred values, using a construct named Anarchy as a castle to which the anarchist as a role has given himself according to ”its” needs.[...]


Many are afraid of being alone, of being left with nothing but their own thoughts and a physical existence which they do not know how to interpret. [...] We are not of those who pray to the Abyss to stay there because creation is ”worthless” neither of those who create castles recruiting soldiers confining oneself into his own reified contents and enslaving others to their ”cause”. We are beyond any mass approach that can be developed through reified ideological constructions that can even be maintained by few. Nihilism, a tool of the profane devastation of inscribed structures, predetermined perceptions from ideas and unquestionable values, takes the reality in which you live and mashes it without stopping to perceive it. But it is the eternal fall that annihilates all idealism and its products leaving you in a death twitch and new unfound beauty, where you struggle within the limits between pleasure and stabbing of your own self. This fall has no ending but also no return. We are anarchists but we understand anarchy as a means of realizing our desires and not as a political objective cause that binds us to roles/duties which reproduce new ”essentialities” like the anarchist as the new Human perpetuating the slavery of humanism and thus not rejecting society from its roots for the institutionalisation it produces. Those who don’t realize that every system is a chain will always bring new authority over the person no matter how the name it. We distinguish relations of power from relations of domination, seeing the first as an inexctricable part of the affirmation of life in existence, whereas the second as crystalized relations coming from authoritarian ideas. [...]


We dedicate these words to those who don’t belong anywhere!

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mit dem abfeiern und unkritischer personenkult von nitzsche dem ollen antisemiten

und der hyper individualisierung klingt das für mich eher nach bürgerlicher ideologie mit hang zur düsteren ästethic