[Aachen] Lawsuit against anti-fascists

Antirepressionsgruppe Aachen

What happened?
On 30 June 2015, anti-fascists in Aachen spontaneously started a demonstration against racism and police brutality following the death of a person in The Hague through abuse by local police. After a demonstration throughout the city centre, the activists gathered at the market place, distributed flyers and erected a banner. Within minutes, the appearance of a mobile patrol unit as well as two plainclothes officers led to an escalation of the previously peaceful situation. With heavy use of baton and pepper spray, they attempted to restrain the activists. The attack left many among the demonstrators injured and the plainclothes officers were hurt by their colleagues' use of pepper spray. Afterwards, ten seemingly arbitrary persons were taken into custody.


What was the cause?
The reason for the demonstration was the death of the Aruban Mitch Henriquez in The Hague on 28 June 2015. He died at an outdoor festival after being subjected to brutal abuse by the police under the premise of an apparently unjustified arrest. Video evidence shows that he was no longer conscious when he was put in a car and taken away without having been given any medical attention. Following the murder, The Hague, especially neighbourhoods with strong migrant backgrounds such as Schilderswijk, fell into a state of unrest, wherein the people rose against racist police activity.

What awaits us?
Four of the arrested from 30 June 2015 are now accused of insulting, resisting arrest, breach of assembly law, disturbing the peace and (dangerous) bodily harm. How insolent. The Aachen police was in no way – as suggested in their own depictions – proceeding peacefully and suddenly attacked by activists; quite the opposite. A demonstration against racist police brutality was ironically ended with police brutality. As so often before, a police operation one can call questionable at best is to be juridically vindicated at others' expense. The police's statement has been one-sidedly adopted by the prosecutor's office and the media. We won't take these accusations lying down and will continue to comment on it publicly. The trial is not yet scheduled. More information is coming!

PS: Trials and political action cost money, we greatly appreciate any and all donations!


Antirepressionsgruppe Aachen


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On tuesday 30th june 2015 a spontaneous demonstration took place in Aachen. Cause for this action was the killing of Mitch Henriquez by the use of racist policeviolence in The Hague last Saturday. The 42 year old Arubian was beaten to death by police officers during his arrest after the festival „Night at the Park“.


From the very beginning the police lied about what actual happenend so they said that Henrique started „to feel bad“ on the way to the police station but video recordings show clearly that Henrique already was out cold while the officers were sitting on him and afterwards throwing him into the police van.

On the very same day and the following days people went on the street in Schilderswijk, The Hague to demonstrate against the ongoing police violence and again a lot of violation by the police took place. For
years The Hague police department is well known for its execessive use of force and has been at the center of many scandals because of (racist) police brutality.

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